Trying to dial this in

That thing is worthless.

This is what you want: you can’t cheap out on your instruments

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I have the bottom one but the top im going to have to wait until payday to get. Will transplanting them kinda delay the issue until Thursday?

Can’t hurt. Just water with straight distilled or R/O until you get your meter.

Ok but when I do get it, do I need to make new cal-mag water and PH it correctly in between 6.8 and 7.1?

You will want to use cal mag yes but PH for soil is 6.3 to 6.8.

Ok one more question, if I aerate my water for 24 hours should that be sufficient like distilled?

I just copped one of these last night cuz my old one pooped on me. Do you keep it submerged?

Are you using tap water? The short answer to that is no lol. Aeration will get rid of chlorine but not chloramine. So while aerating will make the water decent for usage only RO can be compared to distilled and even then their processes are different. So either way, you can use various kinds of water but they arent created equal. I went years without an RO filter and ran fine. But when I saw Amazon had em on a payment plan schedule I forked out the bread because i was spending it in distilled for a couple of runs. Man I’ve used tap water at 300 ppm (which was terrible) distilled, spring (which was free and only 100 ppm) now I’m just more pleased with RO plus you can drink it lol. My advice is similar…dont cheap out on stuff. Less hassle in the end.

I’ve seen people put ground up vitamin C tabs in their water to get rid of Chloramine

I’ve heard of that but ima ask em to show me the car fax. I like experimenting but not with my water lol.

All in all, dont over think it man. Abd if you not having fun well you might need to pack a bowl. :rofl:. Do what you can and def water less in soil.

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Article says chlorine not chloramine.

No. Distilled water contains no potential hydrogen (PH) so will adopt the PH of the substrate. The moment you add anything it is no longer distilled and needs to be PH adjusted. If your tap water is under 100 ppm you can just do as you said and be fine.

Fresh transplant. But theyre overwatered i think.