Trying to determine when to start flushing

No dispensary for me no card but recreational is legal now here :blush:

I don’t really flush my plants at all per se. I maybe give a couple of n,p,k, and calcium free waterings prior to harvest. So the simple answer is you don’t need to flush. But if you have been over feeding or ran into other issues maybe you would have to flush. How far ahead is main cola from the remainder of plant?

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Probably a week or two I was thinking if it take the two biggest ones the lowers will fill out more than they have so far

Here are some pics u asked for @Stonedagain2.
This is a DWARF (think bonsai) WWA. Started seeds 4/3. Been in flower right at 5 weeks. All the pistils are amber/brown. Mostly clear trics so I’m thinking I still have a way to go.

There is second DWARF WWA plant but it looks pretty much the same only a little smaller.
Someone ask me . . . . . . How did you DWARF your White Widow Autos?

This picture is a Critical Purple Auto started 4/20.

Ordered the 30x smart phone adapter that @Worleyhead suggested so I can get some close ups. Too late to LST these. Should I be trimming the larger fan leaves?

They look nice. All you need is a big rolling paper after you dry and cure the big one. All joking aside I’d be pissed off if I’d just spend my time and money to grow those little girls. It would be one thing to go into it knowing you needed to grow 100 of them to get enough weed to justify the time and money invested but at $10 a seed forget about it. I won’t be buying any More autos that’s for sure.

Mine are autos they’re not small


Autos as well first grow :sunglasses:

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I meant no offense. I’m growing the same weed. I was just joking around. They look really nice. My seeds cracked on 4/20 and they smell like buds but none to be seen. I wish mine looked as nice as yours.

I was replying to the pics friedfred posted of his Wwa. Sorry for the confusion I just burned one✌️

That one was wierd

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Initially I was thinking your right @Stonedagain2 and appreciate your reply. Maybe autos are not the way to go but . . . I don’t think it’s the seeds or strain. First off I’m one of those newbies that doesn’t have a clue and started out doing everything wrong. Before starting I reached out to ILGM and they suggested their complete kit with the 10 + 10 WWA seeds nutrients, etc. I’m in northern Cal where it’s legal but restrictive. No place for a grow room or tent and local code says can’t grow outside. I have a small greenhouse out back and thought no problem lets get started. I was so excited to get started I started germinating early April. We had several days of freezing weather then a super hot spell and inside the greenhouse temperatures soared. Greenhouse got too hot and then we had more freezing temps and so on. They were very stressed and only 3" tall when the started flowering. Truthfully I was excited they were still alive. Also screwed up with the soil as I just used whatever was in these way too large flower pots. Never even considered pH and so on. Anyway I’m learning and having fun and have more autos started NL, TD, CP and of course WW that are doing well with a few backup seedlings just in case. Meanwhile I have plenty stash to get through the learning curve and next season should be good . . . . IMG_0303|669x500

They’re beautiful

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Well your girls look nice. Lots of legs so you might need to tie them to stakes or something if the buds get to pulling them down. Have you ever thought about cloning with all those new genetics? It could save you a little money in the long run.

My first pic is Critical purple auto

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How do these look now?


First timer here but I see mostly clear with some cloudy…not yet

Still got a week or 2 if your looking for cloudy with not much amber

There is some amber though or is that not in the right area?

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Maybe I’m not seeing it right I really appreciate the help this is my first time. I don’t want to flush them too early need a little amber.

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