Trying to determine sex of unknown seed plants

I found some seeds in my last buy and decided to see if I could get them to grow. They are actually doing well but I’m still not sure how to determine the sex. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Too soon to tell: it will take 5 to 6 weeks for male to show, 7 to 8 for female.


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Gotta wait until she throws her skirt up. Don’t worry I’m a psychic and I’ll tell you, it’s a girl!

Looks to be quite a bit of space between nodes there. What kinda light ya got and how high is it. Looks like maybe it can be lowered some to stop the stretch

Thanks! I hope it is!

It’s been sitting in my kitchen near a window that gets a lot of afternoon sun. The last few days it’s been outside on the patio and has gotten a lot of rain.

Hopefully u keep the window open. Glass will block out what the plant needs