Trying to decide to get a ro system for outdoors

So a few months i got water tested from jacks laboratory. I was having alot of trouble with deficiency or toxicity. I created this thread to specifically talk about well water. I also have another thread looking for tips on growing outdoors but before i got a ro system it was a nightmare. I tried everything and no success then i switched to ro everything changed for the better. But since trying to grow outdoors this coming season. i was wondering if what you see from this report. Would the samething happen again or do i need to purchase another ro system for outdoors. Eveybody said my water should of been fine to water with but even with proper watering it was to no avail )': so any input would be much appreciated and what yall would do in my situation or maybe one of yall had issues with using well water and jacks 321 for outdoors. I had ph spikes when i would ph my water to 5.8 and next 24hrs it would be at 6.8 and continued to raise everyday. But ro never had issues


It may be worth cutting the well water with some purified water when watering outdoors. The only thing I see in the report is high sodium levels. Probably not “high” but I try to avoid sodium at all costs in my garden. It doesn’t take much once you hit “excess” to kill a healthy plant


I use a Boogie Blue filter on all of my hoses outdoors (include my sacred plants). It’s not RO but it works great! My outdoor mushrooms cannot get anything with chlorine in it and we also use it to fill the fish pond.

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Are you getting the water before or after a water softener, if you have one… ?
If you have one , get the water befor it and see what it’s reading…
Probably where all that sodium is coming from… :+1:t3:
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