Trying to cause female budding Super Skunk to seed, unsure if it is working(PICS)

OKay, so I bought some super skunk seeds from here last year, and grew some, had some clones that were stunted in height from some grow accidents when young, that I later kept near a window cause I knew they were too small from some damage they had incurred months before, was surprised they started flowering at end of summer, so I just let them do their thing cause they were extra plants and stunted, the last remainder is small and one year old, but buds all over it. Well, they flowered for months, and started one by one dying off, either from overwatering I think or they were too weak anyway. I got one left, it has the biggest buds of them all. So I stuck the remainder in a grow tent on 24 hour light cycle for the last almost seven days, thinking that would maybe cause a seeing to happen, I mean, I think I am close, but maybe, I am unsure, maybe I should have that back on 12/12 light cycle? I swear, I wished I had ordered the regular seed grab bag, then I could have made some seeds, and its for entertainment, I mean, I got a couple super skunk fem seeds left, they are like a year and a half old now, and when I think of it, my white widow seeds I have left over are bout two years old. Oh sure, I read the guides here on rodelization, but it confuses me, the light cycle, and the whole colloidial silver thing. I mean, at this point I could care less if any seeds are all female, I want some seeds to play around with, and I don’t use as much as I used to use in cannabis, actually, I have such an amount, its the legal amount, I don’t want to go over that with a card, so I am just playing around with growing basics and such. Maybe I should switch back to 12/12, but now its with t5 lights above instead of dim outdoor light through a window. God, I can’t believe I wished I had a couple bonafide male seeds or seed, errr, if that is possible, ha. Anyway, hope I have made this clear. I might want to do this with some white widow, still got a few of them seeds left, errrr, I think I mentioned that. Ha, I shouldn’t take in my medicine and post!
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Ya know, it just occurred to me, that maybe I should get me out a led light for this project, I got a number of those out in my grow shed unused right now, cause t5’s might not be the best for this, …maybe. Don’t mind the japeno pepper plants in the foreground, those were from seed that I had baked the peppers in an oven to help dry eight years ago then decided to sprout some,…hot peppers are great for infusing with oil and rubbing on pain areas as well, so I learned, growing me a whole new batch of these super red hot peppers.

I have put a time on that seeding tent for a 12/12 again, just in case that is right.

Its hard to believe this little stunted plant is over a year old, actually its 1.3 to 1.5 years old, its too bad I got impatient and over watered the other two damaged/stunted ones recently, I mean, I considered dumping them out many months ago cause they were stunted and no longer needed and I finally learned a stunted plant never gets “big”, but I got lazy, and I started using a dehumidifier for winter months and I thought the pots were drying out faster,…wrong, meaning I had them in the front room near and open window getting natural light from the sun, and I swear, they all started flowering in like july or early august cause I think it was cause I was using a flowering nutrient instead of a regular vegging, laziness and the fact I wanted to use the last of some up.

After just a few days back in the 12/12 light cycle, more little white hairs are growing out from the buds, and from what I read, supposedly what I am looking for is some little yellow bananas hopefully sometime soon protruding from a bud, I guess that is the part with self reproductive material. Errrrr, I do know it would have been better to just get some regular seeds, but I want to switch to another plant style to try out, don’t really have the money to buy several styles. I am real careful with this last survivor, I mean, super skunk is highly sensitive to over watering, and I like check with a moisture meter.

Try colloidal silver. I understand that is one method for getting feminized seeds.

Yeah, thanks for the reply, I did a search in the site here bout the whole colloidal silver thing, it confuses me and I think I do’t need it by now, at this point, I wouldn’t mind the plant making some male seeds, for future use. I keep on reading and such, I mean, surely if a person had just one plant left and they were “desparate” for keeping that style plant, then seems like with a little work then a whole new line of male and female seeds could come from that one plant for future use. You wouldn’t believe the trouble for me personally to get my seeds, ha. I was looking over the “regular seeds” section, but super skunk is something I would like to get back to in about a year or more, IF I had a good seed selection.

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That’s cool. I have no interest in breeding so I kill the plant any time I see signs of it being a male. It’s an unbeatable compulsion of mine.

Yeah, and right now I wished I had a male plant! Never thought I would be saying that! What is interesting, is a neighbor of mine, here in Oregon, has three plants I gave him left over, I think they are white widow females, and I am thinking about asking for one of them back and making it seed itself instead of starting a seed I have left over, I mean, I have like six white widow female seeds left. Colloidal silver could be a great thing for them, cause they are not budding right now, so a collodial silver could like slam dunk one of those for a quick method,…the super skunk pictured here has flowered for well over two month with lots of light leaks

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My super skunk project is still alive, I believe it has been a month since I posted, and I guess I need to picture it to show the progress. I am very sure I should have seeds, I guess seeding is important cause I would like to vacuum pack and freeze some seeds. I did get back some plants from a neighbor, their leftovers and they had difficulties with due to their inability to deal with spider mites, surprisingly they set them out on their back porch open to the fall cold air and rain and the plants survived, I have them now all dusted with diatometrius earth tilll I figure out what to do,…I have a small stunted white widow that needs attention with nutrients and growing more to repair, and I think the two overgrown ones are super skunk, enough plants of the two to start a new small grow from cuttings it looks like, I wished I had labeled the pots when I gave a bunch away. What is disturbing is my white widow seeds I have left are pretty much about to turn two years ago, I wished I had known about freezing, and I have about six, and I think freezing right now might be too late. Anyway, here are update photos of the super skunk I am trying to seed by rhodelization, or however it is spelled, by allowing it to flower longer than normal.

Okay, here is an important update on this ongoing saga of trying to rodelization of the super skunk,…its up in the air right now IF there are seeds, I swear I see nodes that contain obvious seeds, but who knows, and now I worry the plant is dying off due to all the dying large leaves have suddenly dried up many many days after watering…,…but Just now I have noticed the reproductive “bananas” come out of the bud,…but it gets worse,…the plant almost looks like its dying. All I did was give it water recently, or last week, and then a taste of fertilizer right after the main watering, I don’t think I over watered,…I am so sick of what I have done constantly with the super skunk strain, where I am sure its the same with all of the strains except white widow of course, where I am using less lights and heat or where plants were just stuck in front of a window without lights but just sunlight, in this case a small grow tent with the one plant, …and every super skunk that ever died, well, not all, were from some sort of root rot or basically over watering, no matter how much experience I have. Now this plant, it looks like it will be joining its sisters in the compost pile of the dead, I hope not,…here are pics of the bananas, maybe it is not dying and the leaves were looking bad for about a month anyway…I could at least I believe harvest the bananas I see coming up out of the buds if the plant is gonzo,…errrr, plant dying, that way all I would have to do is raise a couple super skunk seeds and brush on these bananas, …I believe. I have a fan on the plant to spread around any pollen.


Well,…I was unsuccessful!..the plant is still alive, and I am trying to “re-veg” it, having been put under 24 hour t5 lights for weeks now, it is regenerating seemingly, I guess I did have success in getting it to put out male flowers/bananas, a first for me of course. Surprising, the plant is still alive,…I don’t know what happened last month, but as soon as I gave a bit of nitrogen rich fertilizer, just a taste of it let us say, and watered,…all the leaves started dying,…from experience this usually means the plants dies completely, but not this one, it was already stunted over a year and a half ago from something similar or overwatering. Who knows,…maybe when it fully recovers, and yeah, it it still putting out small leaves like it is trying to bud still, as soon as it recovers, if it does, maybe I can take a clone off of it, though its a stunted plant, I am unsure if all clones would be stunted as well, unless I get some fresh looking young new green stems if they actually do put out later. Right now I am trying to start 10 durban poison seeds, regular seeds in distilled water and an aquarium bubbler installed to bubble oxygenate the water for the next 24 hours.

What is the best soil

Wow, I think I forgot what soil I was using, whatever the local grow shop was selling,…no soil that has any fertilizer infused, no way, of course. On that project on that old grow,…wow, that plant sure yielded much,…mucho bud afterwards by the time it was three years old total,…I successfully revegged it later to grow so much bud,…then I revegged it again for bud five months later with some other plants,…pot I had in was seven gallon by that time. All from a dwarfed plant originally that I kept around for experimentation,…I regret screwing up the self fertilizing method, as you can see I had a male part showing,…I had gave some fertilizer too strong I guess, I was just screwing around ya know, I guess I wasn’t too serious. Anyway, good thing I did take photos.

Awsome thanks