Trying to calibrate my tds ec meter

Ok so I added 1g of NaCl to 1 liter of distilled water. The tds came to 1023 instead of 1000 is this close enough to consider human error or residue in measuring container? The EC reads 21/44 what does this mean. That is us/cm.

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2.3% off. I would say that’s acceptable all things considered.
Found this for a Blue Lab tester. Seems your well within range.


You can buy a standard conductivity solution to verify your meter Or calibrate the span. if you choose. within 5% you’re good. Also the little TDS meters are not temperature compensated so depending on Temperature of fluid It can read different .
Hope that helps good luck. :v::+1:


It has temp reading on display. Do you understand the ec reading? 21/46

How did you know it was blue? Lol


EC = conductivity , PPM would be about half.
1000 Conductivity with equal 500 PPM


Ok I’ve had ppm of 2100 and ec of 2000 or is it possible was to much going on? Idk thanks I keep that in mind going on

Learned some new stuff here!! Keep it coming fellas lol!!