Trying this indoor growing thing

I know what you mean got tired of over half my crop disappear. That is why I laid off for a while. What lighting do you recommend for 60x60x80? How many plants?

@dbrn32 the light guy will say go with the HLG QB’s.

I bought 2 HLG 260xl Rspec kits. The aluminum panel can actually hold 3 QB’s and this means both panels with 3 QB each is good for a 5x5 tent.

I don’t know if he will recommend that one. I doubt it as they have light kits good for a 5x5 right off the bat.

I will have 5 plants in my 4x4 tent. By the time the other 4 get tall enough, the 60” tall GSC will be ready for harvest and that opens up more space.

Ebay links not allowed here. Amazon, dealzer and aliexpress.

I’m also not super familiar with what is available in hid. I just know that bigger hood is better for 5x5.

Sorry. Did not intend to post the link when I copied the info.

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Would 2 600watt be a better Choice?

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Depends on how you use the tent. In most cases yes, but nothing balanced about 2 lights in square space either.

So, in your opinion, would 1- 1,000watt hps/metal halide be sufficient??? I just wanna make sure I have lighting covered.

Before I switched to the QB’s, I had my 2 Viparspectra PAR600 lights at a angle which helped get more light to the bottom of the plant. I don’t need to do that with my QB’s.

What about CMH? Or are they still too new.


I use something similar to this and I absolutely love it works great


I run 600 watt hps with old school magnetic ballists in xxxl 8" air cooled hoods…
Hoods were $150 each and ballists were $120 each and 8" extraction fan was $75…
I haven’t used cmh but if I was going to change things out I might go that rout …
I just don’t know about the heat they put out…:thinking:
I would use two 600 watt hps in that space or cmh …
If your really good at training and scroging, I might look into QB boards… but again I’m not sure about heat…:thinking:
Also if I went cmh , I would go with two 315 watt cmh so that you can have better light spread…

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They are all good lights. None of them really built for 5x5 though.

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What size tent? How many plants for 60x60x80?

So, Final thoughts. What should I go with for a 60x60x80? 1- 1,000 watt hps/metal halide, 2-600watt hps/metal halide or 2- 315 watt cmh. I have also found a 945W CMH 3200k Double Ended 6" AIR Cool Complete grow Light kit. In yall’s opinion, what would best suit a 60x60x80 tent. Like I said in the beginning, I just want to set this up to where I have sufficient light. I know that is a major factor, I will with your help, I hope figure the rest of it out from there.

You need to get @dbrn32 opinion about the lights. He is the go to for all light questions.

That’s what I have understood and I am waiting for his response, before I make my final decision. From everything that I have read on this forum, he is THE LIGHTING GURU and I will definitely respect his opinion. I am just trying to get the lighting situation as right as I can from the get go.

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That is a smart plan. I didn’t join any forum when I bought my stuff. I have 2 Viparspectra PAR600 lights and now the HLJ 260xl Rspec lights. So a total of $1250 in lights.

Hindsight 20/20 can be a real b****. But now I’m on the right track.

I have always tried to follow the 6 P’s rule throughout my life. Prior preparation, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance. Definitely rules to live by, in my opinion

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I’m not really familiar with the de cmh fixtures, so I don’t really know thd performance specs. If you limited to those three options I think you really need to look at how you will be using space and what you want to accomplish in it. I can think of scenarios where I feel running one 1000 would be better than two 600’s, then I feel the two 600’s would be better in different scenario.

That’s really the issue with bigger spaces. If you had a 3x3 there’s a dozen fixtures go right in there and do well. And its easy to assume most can or will just have plant canopy wall to wall. Neither is usually true in a 5x5. A de hps is a great fixture for 25 square feet, but they’re not really great in short heights like a tent.

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If I was using a tent , I would probably go the rout of QBs , as long as I could keep the tent cool… :grin:
The reason I say this is for height clearances…:wink:

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