Trying the Wedryer

Harvested and got a Wedryer…30cm…only had 3 plants. Packed up about half into the bag. Don’t know how much it will take?

Trimmed down off the main stems.


I’d say that will work fine, but I prefer hanging them like this.


I’ve got the same hangers. :+1:


I made a scrog I was gonna use well dry time came before the use of the scrog net so that scrog net hangs about 5 inches below my ceiling and I hang from that. It is 3x4 ft I believe works great so far I fit 5 plants on it but the ropes do sag from all that weight lol.

It should hold about 1.5 lbs or so according to the website.
How did it work for you? Were you satisfied? I just purchased one for my upcoming harvest.

Thanks for posting and happy growing!

I love my wedryer. I have hung it in our van right after harvest to go on vacation. Just filled it again saturday. Just mixem up a bit to eliminate flat spots here and there. 5th dry with it. I have the regular. Too small. Still fit 2lbs wet.

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