Trying something new in nutrients

Hey guys im going to be trying nimbin nutrients A&B grow and bloom nutrients i have all there other additives like phat bud powder,mega pk powder ,bud powder and mega K liquid fertilizer and there white rhino :rhinoceros: beneficial bacteria i also have xlr8

is a root and growth liquid stimulant and i have there terpz liquid aswell so these are the nutrients im using this time around they say its organic we will soon see


Wheres all the nitrogen, the base looks decent but some of them have way to much potassium, if you start seeing browning on the edges or dots down the middle of lower leaves then you’ll know it’s pulling at cal mag reserves

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Ive got cal/ mag aswell i forgot to show it ive been using most of these products in flower stage this is why ive been getting big plants and buds .And besides you dont need much nitrogen in flowering stage anyway

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Yea if you preload your soil well enough with nitrogen rich dry amendments you can probably survive to week 5-7 ( post stretch) where it’s not as important but only for autos , you may also wanna throw epsom salt in the mix for the sulfur( great for terps)

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I believe the base has all that in it i have to use the part A grow and part B bloom right through to the end as it has all things that the plant needs and i have terpene booster aswell . I will see how this goes ,who knows this next grow could be the game changer tor me im thinking about going to coco with one pot and using soil for another pot

Interesting keep me updated on how it goes.
You have some experience to start experimenting. Might take two grows to get it right. I know you will though.