Trying something different

Has anyone used Epson salt?


I use epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate) all the time in aquaponics.

To what are you referring to?

I used epsom salt during my last grow a few times. I grow in sunshine #4. I started to notice salt build up after only a few times using so I decided to get some cal-mag instead and seems to work much better with less build up.

That’s good to know, my plants are just getting started. Will keep an eye out for salt on the leaves. I plant in the ground. Maybe that will make a difference.

Yes that’s correct. I have used it on my tomato plants and they yield twice as much fruit, so was wondering how it would do on my girls.

I was growing in buckets and had a bunch of holes up the side which is where I noticed the salt build up. I didn’t see any on the leafs, I didn’t spray my plants with it I added it to my water. I would warm up some water so it dissolved easier.

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You can use it as a substitute for CagMag, in conjunction with Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate), if needed. Generally its not needed in soil, when you’re using bottled nutrients. I only recommend using fertilizer when the plant is asking for it.

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I also use Epsom Salt… That really helps… I feed my plants one time whit Epsom Salt(in the mix) and one time whitout.

The reason I started using the es was because I use it on my tomato plants and produce twice as much fruit, so I’m hoping for bigger buds. I will post oics later on.

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