Trying Out Mantis Buffered Nutrients

Oh man once I upgrade from an apartment to a house I will forsure be upgrading all my grow gear. Only really able to grow one at a time right now :confused:

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Okay so here is my plant before using Mantis. I was using a two part before hand.

Mantis Plant (poor condition)

Here is my plant a week after using Mantis! The stuff for sure works!


Thats awesome man! You should start a little diary on these forums! She looks like she’s going to be a nice looking plant!

Make sure to check out my second grow too :slight_smile: !

Cookies Gelato, Second Grow, Mantis Buffered Nutrients

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Honestly I would but I have like 0 extra time in my day. One of the reasons I’m liking Mantis, because I only have to feed and don’t really have to do anything else. Set it and forget it pretty much until I flip!

Didn’t I tell you Mantis would change your life :wink: seriously easy to use.

Been keeping an eye on you guys. Running AN Sensi Coco now but strongly considering Mantis. Especially as I’m in an interesting predicament at the moment running autopots but having started seeds at different times… One’s an Auto and will need the bloom nutes sooner than the other.

If that becomes a problem I’ll either be going back to Jack’s for a bit until they’re both in flower or trying Mantis.

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You gotta atleast try Mantis. It works wonders with autos because you don’t have to guess when it switches to flower, being the one product same ratio veg and flower. I’m not sure if you’re from Canada or the US but they are a Canadian based company. I think is one of the few places that sells it the the US. Thats where my buddy from Seattle was able to get it anyway.

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US, I was looking directly on their site, do they not ship to the states?

FYI, you may need to edit that post, forum doesn’t favor many directly links besides Amazon. You can just spell out as website dot com though. :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up! No, i guess because cannabis isn’t fully legal down in the states they won’t ship direct but allow other companies to if they sell both in Canada and the US. They are very adamant on Mantis being a cannabis specific nutrient which is fair!

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Had no idea but that’s great info and I did find it on that growing site so big thanks for that! Shame to miss out on the discount, but at least its available.

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Hey but when they do start selling to the US it’ll be there waiting for you!

Actually, looks like I may be out anyway, according to their FAQ it doesn’t play well with RO water and my tap is terrible.

Dang! Whats so bad about your tap water?

Pretty high PPM, and Chloramine according to the water report so I’d have to de-chlorinate as opposed to just letting it off-gas chlorine.

I’ll just flip to Jacks if I need to for this grow since I know it works and decide if I want to do anything different when I run out of the AN Sensi. On the upside, they are absolutely loving the Sensi Coco nutes right now.

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Fair enough! Do what works best for your plants :slight_smile: Do you have a current grow diary you could link to me so I can check out your plants?

Sure thing, link below and happy to have you along for the ride. Amazing to see what the Gelato Auto is doing in Coco with the AN compared to the last grow in FF Happy Frog…

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