Trying organic growing

I am going to try my luck at a pure organic living soil grow. If you guys have any useful material, videos, book recommendations, articals, etc. I’d greatly appreciate it.

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Welcome to mother nature’s organic wonderful processes lol
Here are some links to look over

I’ve created several other topics on here that you can search for as well as my journals I have 2 my first one My First Growth Journal

And my ongoing journal here

Much info here about organic growing with many growers with more knowledge than me to look through as well.

Look up @Warkat and @Budbrother and @AAA and @Mrcrabs as a start as they are all chemical free growers as well as others

Hope this helps


I’m at it again… just super busy… hopefully things will ease up…


Buildasoil dot com.

Excellent information resource and marketplace.


Looked for composted manure at your local landscaping supply yard to get you started also… find a yard where you can walk thru and access the quality of their products before purchasing.

It can be a nice head start to a quality pile of soil. Add some worms to that and your already ahead of the game