Trying not to be too anxious

I have raised three children now grown and gone and parents are always (super-cautious) with their first. I am on my first grow with an Amnesia Haze plant at three weeks one day. It is in FFOF soil. The plant is about four inches tall with a leaf span of about ten inches. I have been watering with one pint of 6.2/3 pH twice a week with no nutrients added at this time but nutrients to be started hereafter. Lighting is a Phantom 1 LED full spectrum grow light at 14 inches from the plant. RH has been high 79 and low 52. Temperature has been steady at 75F. I have just noticed this…

Anyone have any insight what is occurring (if anything) or am I being too anxious about the first?

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Not seeing anything out of place. May want to water soon.


Yep you’re good, soil looks dry, probably is time to water.


(Big sigh!) :sweat_smile: Thanks for the feedback; the soil is dry on the surface, damp but not overly moist underneath.


PH of 6.2 is on the low end for soil, but as stated they look good!


Thanks for the information.