Trying Grow Professional

I’d like to think it pays for itself


Right on! That’s the way it should be yeah!

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Alright so the question is now that’s “completed” what’s next?

Well I’m glad you asked…

Let’s try and build a auto doser using a cheap AF smart peristaltic pump by jebao…

Order the pump, I’ll try to copy agrowtek’s layout of their auto dosing system

Let’s see so far ordered but waiting for:

  • 24” x 36” x.250” aluminum panel - (65$)
  • 2 jebao 3.4 WiFi 4 channel peristaltic pump - (80$/each)
  • 1 2 port monitoring manifolds - (35$)
  • 2 4 port intake manifold for nutrient injection to the stream(65$/each)
  • 1 200 gpd pump from Amazon 16$

Info I’ve read so far suggest using a pump between 3-5 gpm to get a consistent reading and to not damage the sensors, I figure the 3.3gpm pump will suffice.

You could really get away with 1 pump and 1 injection manifold to reduce build to $200 but that’s without wireless monitor so about 600 overall…gotta find out what that set me back plus connect stick

Get this done and we’ll most likely need to add a chiller


Next thing you know you will put together a robot to trim and defoliate for you! Haha I love it brother! Your killing it. Always improving and updating your set up, something goes wrong, your right on it! Love it my friend :muscle:.


Haha I’m not gonna lie I like defoliating


It’s really once I take myself out of the equation I can get true data to dial things in where they should be and replicate that considerably easier than my chicken scratch logs of past few years :rofl:

I’d much rather tell a program to keep a set level then try to myself. It will take some trial an error so I’ll have to make it portable to an extent then add it in once I’ve worked out the kinks

Also once this works I’ll be able to go on vacation without relying on family and friends to figure it out on the fly

Peace of mind


Honestly I do too haha and that has to be a manual thing anyhow. It’s up to your eye and where you see the problem leaves and just which leaves need to go. Might do one last defol/ on my girls, we’ll I’ll call it more of a plucking, pick and chose the buds blocking some light etc. there like almost day 50 since flip to 12/12.


Dope! Those girls are starting to get tight


Thabk you my friend. Yes indeed they are. Going to have to tie up a few branches there starting to lean herd from weight haha

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Wow my spelling was all off earlier haha. Had those thick duty leather work gloves on trying to type while at work. In between concrete trucks haha


I just thought you were stoned


Played with pumps and purchased a sonoff pro 4 channel relay with Dc 9-24v input . Hopefully be able to use the pumps plug with that.

Then opened the case and took the power wires from the pcb board. Wired those to be able to insert into sonoff relay.

Plan is to control power to each pump then control that from home assistant…

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Put together the monitoring manifold and injection system. Waiting for mounting plate still


Got another Pi4 to run as a desktop to replace my dell…

The dell is only 2 years old and it’s a turd! Slowly destroying itself and making task harder to complete.

After playing nes emulators all tester and not getting anything done…thanks retro pie and emulation station for that preloaded gem

I spent a few hours this morning and already surpassed where the dell was in handling the additional operations I couldn’t strain on the stand alone server…

Pi4 may become my new desktop…atleast for some time

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Dude u have an insane setup going. I would not know where to start or even when we to think to start to fire up the operation lol. Looks bad ass for sure. I though i was bad being like over 10k into this and here u r looking like u got 50k invested lol. Looks bad ass tho. If I move close to u we can share right. I’ll donate lights and time lol


Of course just bring power! I always seem to never have enough :wink:


It’s a self starting system, just defoliate and try not to get in the way too much. That’s the plan if all goes well atleast