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Greta info. I agree the routine is important. People have this generalization “pot” farmers are lazy stoners. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. To be a successful cannabis cultivator in my opinion requires dedication, sacrifice and the cognitive ability to seek out and retain vast amounts of knowledge.
When my alarm goes off in the morning do I want to get up? Not always and it usually means I’ve over slept as I normally get 15 minutes before it goes off.
But i do because the dedication to the science is what it takes. Every time I slack off even for a day or two the plants remind me what I got myself into.


I’ve been thinking of a wire shelf in my Veg tent… what size tent do you have and what size shelving unit? Those plants look jammed in there pretty good. What are you using for lighting?

Amen @Jackie_Daytona

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T8 light bars

SHOPLED 3FT T8 LED Utility Cabinets Light, 27W 3510LM 6000K, Cool White, V Shape, Linkable Lights, Shop Lighting, Led Ceiling Lights for Wardrobe, Kitchen, Hallway, Workbench, Shelf Lights 4 Pack

2x4x8 space and a 2x3 x8 wire rack it fits snug


Talk to some vendors on aliexpress, specifics. Wouldn’t believe what they’ll make for ya. Sometimes better than originals. As far as jets and ends go. Maybe even top of the line clones that you’re homies use everyday, the real ones, like using the clones better. Ofc that was a paint gun. But it was only one instance. Are many others. Be surprised what the Chinese are already doing, just gotta talk to them to get around supposed copyright laws on the moon or something.
Basically I’m sure you can find autopot accessories, clones, for pennies on the dollar.

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Very true and I went the alli express route before but I was not satisfied with the products produced. They worked the same but had the ability to burn down the house in the process.

I’ll pay more for the ones that make the product I want and get them from the source. That way I have a warranty and good name to fall back on if things take a shiz on me!

@Budz appreciate the input but for what we’ve got going on here I’m not taking any chances on saving some pennies for the knock off units


Understandable. And they can be a mixed bag for sure. They tend to be really good at making stuff by dimension that I don’t want to in my own shop, till they figure out what it’s for and jack up the price. Or their neiches like I mentioned before. Is nice when it works out though. We still keep one of those clones in our shop. Treat it just like the real $500 version. Pro, it works better and smoother than the real version. Con, wrong cup threads, that was fun. The actual only other flaw and giveaway is in the 99% identical user manual. These are only made in one country, and it’s wrong in there. Other than that, packing and all 100% clone.

New cure jars for this harvest… gonna need them

Placed one of the 5 gal cure buckets next to them as a reference of size


Alright so huge change over to milky trichs in the past week with some clear running with milky up the shoots

A few turning over to amber which lets me know, it’s a good time to ween the girls down and chop them. I’ll allow a few more days just to get those clear to milky but I’m pretty happy with the tester buds and the high it gives


Wooohoo!!! Nuggets for days! :joy::rofl:

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Pippen slept inside last night after being out all week, coming in for food water and pets of course…

I found it odd since I thought she built a new nest somewhere thru the thickets.

When I walked outside it was 30 degrees…that’s when I realized she’s a spoiled beeeach!


You may feel that you botched this run a little but the rest of us think it’s absolutely stellar! Minor adjustments and it’ll be damn near perfect next run. Great job Bob. You’re an absolute inspiration to us.

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Your tric pic confirms my last feed of the slh two days ago. 12 days till cut. I think it would’ve survived without the net afterall. Better safe than sorry though

Your thoughts?


Milky almost turning amber, good pull

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What did you use to get those pics, friend?


My phone only. Note20 Ultra

I agree with you Jake yes you are a big inspiration to all of us thanks Pharmer Bob Just trying to find my way out of this damn rebuild that I started thanks Bob no it’s coming along real well just expanded a lot more than I had planned once you get started it’s hard to stop One room turns into 2 to 3 to 4


Hey Bob how do I message you but not on your forum

You cannot message in private here. If you have a question specifically for PharmerBob that is related to this grow or something he does, it’s not inappropriate to ask here. I can remove it later if he feels it upsets the flow. Or, you can post in one of your topics and tag him.

Most of the time just about everyone here is more than reasonable if you have comment or question.

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OK sorry I was just not trying to Interrupt his forum but I will go ahead and ask him a question hey Bob I cloned an autoflower as an experiment it had already started to flower just a tad should I continue with the experiment since the roots have taken or should I discard what kind of results can I expect or do you not know have you not tried this

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