Trying Grow Professional

Welp the time has come…as each of us has grown mostly for the better. I’ve enjoyed the time and product that the setup and I have produced but as the title says


So after a quick demo of the area. I’ll update maybe weekly or as I remember to of the progress that’s made before then onto into the 1st grow with this thread.

Here’s pics


This weekend:::

1/2” sanded plywood for the ceiling, used teks 1 3/4” screws they steel joist of the building.

Blue looking drywall is mold resistant in case anything gets to it.

Couldn’t move the cords thru center of room they will be mounted to ceiling with cable hider

This week I will finish filling a few small holes, adding dampers for two exhaust and one intake.

then do frp paneling on the entire room this coming weekend


Shaping up nicely @PharmerBob . Looks like you’re pretty handy. I love seeing progress type pictures.

I’m gonna keep my eye on this as I have a portion of my basement I’d like to partition off to increase my capacity.


You have been very busy , going to have a super nice space.


Just what I do in a day in a half over the weekend. Had to be done by noon yesterday to watch the game


Hell yea I’m sure hoping so. Gotta fit the dampers in as soon as I get them in the mail. And run all my electrical for lights and controllers before I seal off the room with frp paneling

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Set to Watching!

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Yeah I know what you mean I spent a lot of time watching the playoff games this weekend myself. But with the cold weather and other things going on. (social distancing). I guess two days of TV would be okay.

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I’m just glad the browns shut down the Steelers, I hate seeing them in the post season


Yeah thumbs up to that ! :+1:

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I’m jealous of your grow room!


Build it and they will come

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I got tired of being jealous of others people space so I made my own :grin:


@Nicky I’ve got 14 autopot xl and a 50gal res for this one :wink:

Looking Good

I’ll be watching the show 0_o

I hear ya brother. My girls are inside a 3X3 shower stall that’s inside my 6X6 “grow room”. But, until my state goes fill legal it’ll have to do.

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Setting up controller area. 240 drivers :heavy_check_mark:

Setting this outside the room will make little to no difference in a full room setup but will look better and not add any additional lights from the controllers that will be jnstalled


Do you have drawing we could have a peak at?


This was my last one I drew up and kinda shows locations of everything

I’ll end up moving fans to infront of foot and infront of res most likely if I end up using them. They are a bit too much


Looks pretty clean can’t even see the wiring for the lights on the left side

Now those are tied in I’ll fish wire and do the right side the same way

I can fit 6 per breaker so I’ll do 5 and a fan