Trying for three years to grow decent quality grow

  1. If using coco coir, add 50 percent perlite.
  2. Always flush coco coir four times before using it.
    3.Use proper coco coir rated nutrients, don’t skip on quality nutrients.
    4.Calibrate PH testing Pen, before using and every two weeks.
    5.Use quality lights, do not buy cheap LED lights.
  3. Use fabric pots.
  4. Keep grow room constantly warm, grow in winter is easier.
  5. Do not wing it, Do not guess, keep a journal,
  6. Buy good seeds, or better still, use clones.
  7. Use a carbon filter, always keep it in tent.
  8. Use two fans in tent, air circulation is a must.
  9. Do not tell anyone your growing
  10. If your having problems with yellowing or slow growth, check PH and do not over water coco coir.
  11. Do not test run off in coco coir, instead buy a proper coco coir nutrient, that has PH balancer in it.
  12. Important for hydro bucket grows, DWC. Buy a good quality air pump and stone, or better run two stones in one bucket, believe me, you will get root rot, otherwise.
  13. DWC buckets, add some bleach or proper anti bacterial treatment in water before using. Bleach works, a good splash works for root rot, but air pump and stone is most important.
  14. I am using ADVANCED NUTRIENTS, coco perfect, since it started using this brand, which by the way is very expensive. but worth every cent.
    My growth went explosive. And i mean explosive.
  15. If your flowering plants do not finish or change trichome color to cloudy and amber, your grow has a ph balance issue.
  16. I grew five crops with the wrong nutrients, because it was cheap, ended up with low THC and non ripe cannibas.

Bleach leaves a residue that is toxic. Better to use peroxide.

Never heard of this and frankly most plants near the finish line all have a PH issue.

I’m using Jack’s which is pretty inexpensive and highly regarded.


Are you having problems or was this just general advice on how you turned your ship around and had good grow after years of not having good grows?

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For real? That should be written into the guides.

Welcome to the community. Odd first post, but welcome.


This will cause salts to build up and bring many issues.
Water coco everyday minimum and water till you get 10-20% run off.
Remove run off.
You are correct about run off pH. I check runoff ppm levels but don’t sweat the pH of the runoff. As long as you water at 5.8 or just under you will be fine.

btw welcome to the forum

@Tid I’ll tag you in my journal and that should be everything you are needing as informative to what your end goals are I promise you and it won’t cost you $500 of liquids to reach , milk , Epsom Salt, and molasses, kelp , and seaweed extract is about all you need and some recharge if you want , I rarely have to check my runoff maybe once every three weeks , but consistent going in helps with a watering managing and not over doing it , 5T’s and tge 3-6-9-12 rule is premium for growers like you @Tid !

I have a feeling the original post was an attempt to promote Advance Nutrients.
There really was no question. Very odd post.



Sorry Charlie, Jacks for the win

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I landed on Jacks after trying about 4 other lines.
Just purchased the 25lb bags so I’m set for the net few years

I’m thinking :thinking: both of these would be great lines from what I’m reading :books:and I’m going to put my order in cause I’m sure they will grow nice heavy plants . I have to try them .

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Salt build up results from cheap nutrients.
Try advanced nutrients coco safe grow and bloom.
You don’t get salt build up. Because this stuff is made for coco.

Make sure you flush the coco coir four times, when you buy it and i mean
flush really good, with just tap water, coco is a cheap substrate, that holds roots, that
is all its for.

I just mixed up four buckets of tap water, which has ppm of 300, with
advanced nutrients bloom, bud candy and overdrive.

Leave it for couple of hours and the PH is stable at 5.8. when you pour it
on plant roots, over the next three days, it floats upward to 6.3. allowing
all the important goodies to get used properly.

My plants are busting out of the tent, i had to supercrop the colas, to stop them
growing into the lights. This stuff is amazing.
you are supposed to use R.O water, but it works with tap water too.

I have smoking the leaves at different times too. to test it.

week 3 vegetative leaves, mild effects noticeable, week 4, effects stronger.
week 5 just slow dried some leaves blocking the lower buds. effects,
happy, plenty of energy and few hours later, sleepy relaxed effect.
I am getting the same results from buds , i grew with cheap nutrients before.

any way, these are just my personal obversations, you dont have to buy the
advanced nutrients, I know house and garden have great nutrients too.

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There are so many things I don’t even know where to start… so I wont.


I’m trying so darn hard to resist this thread…


Ler er rip my friend…

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I’m trying to be good and hellraiser’s coco thread alone negates half that argument. If op sticks around for any amount of time they’ll see how silly this is. I doubt they are pulling 2lbs out of a 3x3 and made this post. He’s even literally running jacks vs AN.

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Not that I’m doubting what you said @yoshi, not by any means. I am curious about the milk though. If I leave a glass of milk on the counter it will only take about 24 hrs before it begins to smell and becomes curdled. How does your grow room not reek from expired milk?

I wondered the same when I’ve seen him suggest this thing with milk

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Have you guys not smell some of the nutrient mix ? It’s awful, you really don’t have to expired the milk , but expired milk seems to work best for them lil critters in my experience , you can used dry powder milk and it’d just as effective. I move quite a bit of air through the tent , but I guess it’s vented good are I’m kind of used to some of the stinky .