Trying for bigger colas better yields — any tips, suggestions

9 weeks old
Hydro DWC separate buckets

Just got new lights and new 4x4 tent. Trying to maximize yield and increase colas. Back plant was FIMd during veg for first time. Any suggestions please? Trying to build my growing skills.

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If fim a lot the gg buds will be many and smaller. For big buds less fim and fewer mains. I know it doesnt sound correct but it is. Biggest gg buds i get are always from plants trained less. Larger yields from fimmed girls. Just my experience with my gg. First photo fimmed. Second straight up.


Colas are where they are - at least for the ones flowering. Maximum yield is going to come from better light - which you already nailed - and being attentive to her nutrient needs. So far everything looks good and healthy, so my advice is keep on keeping on. You can think about strategic induction of stress - such as schwazzing your plant (strategically removing each and every fan leaf), supercropping to spread the stalks outward horizontally and increase light penetration, use of UV lighting to simulate intense sunlight, etc etc.
But frankly you don’t need to do anything but what you’re already doing, perhaps spending more time in the tent singing/talking/just breathing on your plants. The CO2 we produce helps them produce. :v:


I was thinking about removing some of the fan leaves to keep the air moving. Its been unusually humid here so my tent is running high 70s temp and high 50s humidity. And some of the fan leaves are shading buds. What do you think?

I think getting airflow going is very important, and yes I’d sacrifice some leaves for it.

I recently finished a GG4 auto and she was my biggest yielding plant - 8 oz.

She was under 30 inches tall, but that didn’t stop her from growing huge buds.

I didn’t do anything special except upgrade my lights, it’s in the genes apparently.
She also went forever and ever - 129 days, and didn’t flower till day 44. I am sure this made a big difference.


As long as what you remove is removed with a purpose, that’s the right move.

Same thing here. Big fans that cast more shadow than absorb light can be safely removed to give the plant more opportunity to create energy.

There’s a super smart dude who was around here a lot not too long ago, @Hellraiser - haven’t seen him for some time, but check out his journals. His mantra was everything with purpose. Not that it couldn’t or shouldn’t be done, but know why before you do. I try to remember that before I regurgitate things I’ve heard but haven’t proven to myself first.

By the way, @Fiz is an absolute growing genius too. She will sell herself short at every turn but even her “failed” grows speak for themselves in quality.


Oh wow! I’m blushing all over myself. Thank you very much, I know I’m still a novice and aspire to improve my practice from listening to people like you!

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