Try, Try Again…

Hi all. This is my 9th and 8th beans (from l to r) that made it to this point. Hooray! All others have either been pinched by the kitty, eaten by the puppy or neglected due to our current life circumstance.

Now they are bougie in a:
4x4 tent
FC4800 Mars Hydro
AC Infinity
will be using FF trio

I don’t think Thelma (seed#8) is quite dead yet, although for perspective she was born 9/9/22 and #9 on left above dob is 10/18/22!! I think the issue is I have WAY under watered her. Can she rebound and should I just treat them as equals?

I am unclear about how much water to give them, but this is my understanding now. Water 2” out from base til runoff in solo cup. Dome. Check soil each day when first 1” dry, water til runoff. Repeat.

I also seem to have a problem getting humidity up. It’s been reading 30RH range. I’m doming solos until I can maybe get a humidifier in there? Is there a way to raise it/lower by utilizing all of those Velcro windows on the tent?

Bugs! I see a few tiny little fly bugs on Kelloggs Organics Soil in Solo Cups. They’ve been in there for awhile with the FFOF so I’m sure everyone has had a field day laying eggs. I’ve read I can water with mosquito dunk infused water (haven’t tried yet). I also put a little cup in there of AC Vinegar/Dawn dishsoap. I want to curb it before it becomes a major problem.

Tagging those who make sense to me! @Syndrix @Tylersays @PurpNGold74 @MadamCalamity @Dantheman85 Thanks!!


Good afternoon :smiley:. I don’t believe this is right. Seedlings need very little water, especially in the solo cup. You don’t want to water to runoff. They only need a tiny bit of water. The problem with this seedling is more than likely to much water. :blush::v:


Prepare for a battle. Diatomaceous earth and sticky traps are your friends. I tried the katchy traps and they were garbage.


First week or so I give seedlings around 60ml of water. Id say water to runoff once they’re in their final pots.

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Ok. Do you water daily or a certain schedule? I’m thinking for my own consistency I can water 5 ml each solo cup in every morning and spritz clear dome. I am soooo overthinking this but… I am almost out of trys!

:point_up_2: @GardenShoppe what I’m seeing. From ground breaking through the 1st 2 weeks I water about a shot glass every 3 days. If you don’t have a germ chamber maintaining 65-75% RH, cover them with a clear solo cup and mist the inside, remove daily for fresh air and repeat. Removed the domes completely around day 14 or the leaves have outgrown the dome and maintain around 65% RH gradually reducing the RH to 50% around week 4 of veg. Seedling temps need to be a around 78-82 degrees :love_you_gesture:


@OGIncognito has you covered. My mind thinks in coco terms. In coco you can give seedlings a quart of water without issue. Overwatering is a big deal in soil though.


I agree with the smart folk above me.

Perhaps it could be underwatering if the damage (leaf coloring) was done previously and u recall some serious wilting along with it. But if she perked back up to that shape after watering again, I think she may just live on. A bit of stunting to start but once she gets to going, you should be fine