Trust level 2 advancement


When I look at my stats I think I should’ve been upgraded to trust level 2, but am still at 1. Please let me know what I am missing. Thanks


This happens after a period of time time I guess(at least 3 months I don’t really know) … Read the instructions of the site :joy: … I think that lvl 2 is regular like I am… Hope this helps :+1:


Look at what I found


Thanks @M4ur. When I looked at these I am way above these numbers which is why I am confused @garrigan65 any insight?


@Sixpackdad not sure if this has anything to do with it, but if you take your 17 hours of read time (1,020 minutes) and divide it by the 2500 topics youve read, it puts you at an avg of 40 minutes per topic. Its a little shy of the 60 minutes. No worries tho! Just read a little bit more! As long as you have post capabilities and dont have to wait hours to reply, then i wouldnt worry


Give a little love and comment more often it isn’t just about reading it’s about contributing to the threads too :wink:


@Sixpackdad,Just give more likes and more reply’s should do it for ya



If I may intrude for a sec… .
I’ve been wondering also about gaining trust level’s…
I’ve been here a couple years and earned “Member” which I believe is TL 2?
Is there a link to guidelines for how to earn higher trust level’s??

Thank You… . I do apologize for bothering you… … I haven’t found a page to ask my stupid questions that doesn’t piss somebody off… . :upside_down_face:


If i may occur in…
This you need to do to get lvl 3(Regular)


Still just a lowly basic trust level member


42 days visited

1d read time

119 topics viewed

4.4k posts read

37 given


4 topics created
68 posts created

79 received


@Sixpackdad maybe give and get more likes



This is what your looking for I do believe


I went to it and it help me it explains everything


After a 8 month hiatus from the forum, I logged in today, gave a few likes, posted a few topics, and replied to a few posts, and…
BOOM, finally moved to member status. The ghosts in the machine finally acknowledged me!


WELCOME :wink::v: @Sixpackdad lol enjoy the vacation? Haha


Yes, to the land of mites, aphids and bud rot. I don’t wanna go back.


Never go backkk haha