True Noob's Need Lot's of Help!


My wife is more into edibles and creams etc Not a big smoker but vape once in awhile

awesome,i dont do much edibles,what i have tried was all good,slept like a champ

I do tell her its great for migraine,and she gets them alot

MJ can help her migraines tremendously.

Hey my seeds took 10 business days to show from the email they sent saying seeds shipped
Also it said 12 day average
But may take as much as 24 day I think it was if they sent you a email your seeds will show if not they will send you another order but only if it doesn’t show after 30 days or something like that
Just FYI
Sorry for jumping in @bob31
How’s that stone working out for you ?


@Boston56 Here is my grow journal here on ILGM

It will give you an idea of what I a doing

Do you have your grow space all set up and all or most of your supplies gathered together?

A few things you must have are a pH meter for testing fluid pH, not one of those soil meters

pH up and down to adjust your water, If u are like me tap water is gonnea be around 8.5 pH

So tell me about what you are gonna be doing!

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@Countryboyjvd1971 jump in any time, always room for you.

So far I really haven’t seen any change. I will go in and check the RH after I type this

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@Countryboyjvd1971 it was at 41% when I checked at about 330pm and its at 45% now. I’m gonna keep checking it. I’d sure like to get to 50%. If not I’m going to move everything but the plant down one level and see if I run all of that stuff lower if it will rise above it. Currently the girl is on the left side of the shelf and the rest is on the right of her about 6 inches. Shelves are wire mesh so the H should rise right through it.

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Nice sir
So the stone works :+1:
And it’s low tech woohoo

and it was only $10. I guess the smart thing to do would be to get a second one if I come up short. Low-tech… I like to think of it as organic, LOL

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Yeah good idea for 10$ get 2 more lol

yeah, I almost did. Wanted to make sure I wasn’t wasting my hard earned $$$

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I’m thinking of getting a few for upstairs wood stove dries house out
Like crazy so for 10 I’ll put one in every room lol

alright here you go, deal of the day!

Thats buy three get one free almost


I checked e b a y as well and they can’t beat that deal on amazon

yup i keep trying

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Perfect going to tell the wife to grab some woohoo bobby :grinning::v::+1:

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I have a 4 pack in my cart. And they clean up with soap and water

You know I wonder if a piece of sand stone would work in the same way ? It’s a porous stone know

I would imagine. The stone is very porous and light. Might be some sort of refined sandstone

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