Troubling leaves turning yellow 3rd week flowering

2nd grow but still a beginner. Last year’s turned out well, however,

This year, sophomoric mistakes. My fan leaves are yellowing at an alarming rate. My initial mistake was being a little hasty with the nutrient changeover. Probably within two weeks into flowering, i started with half doses Jacks 10:30:20 and Easy Weed supplements every watering (3 to 4 days). Maybe too diluted? The plant has only been watered with collected rain water since seedling. The overall color to the plant seems yellower than appears in the images. Tried bumping with a little nitrogen last week, but too little too late.
Yellowing started at the bottom and progressed to the top fans within the 3 to 4 week period. She has such a long way to mature. Hope she lasts.
She’s only about 4 feet tall in a 16 inch pot grown outdoors. I cover her daily with a wire frame and double 55 gallon garbage bags to maintain consistent 12/12 ratio. Not too attractive but works well.
Here are a few images.
Stay safe, be well…elliot

You may have caught it in time. So you may see a few yellow, but keep feeding, and you should be good.