Just got a 6 inch Mars hydro exhaust fan kit with smart controller. My issue is that I’m running 6 inch exhaust with a 4 inch intake and the tents sides are sucking in but the temperature is still sitting at 89F I don’t know if my probe is just sitting in the wrong spot but it’s lights off at thr moment and it was hanging at canopy height. Does anyone have any suggestions. It should be staying cool considering it’s getting fresh air in from another room and hot air is going out the window from the tent

Have a pic of your tent that we can see where everything is and how it’s put together?

What is ambient temp of room you’re getting intake air from? Also wondering if there is filter connected to exhaust, if so try disconnecting.

85f in the other room and I have a carbon filter on the end of the exhaust

I can’t disconnect filter at the moment as it’s night so will do when lights come on

So you have 1 fan pulling air out of the tent and one pushing air in is that correct?

Yep that’s correct

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If I understand correctly the bigger fan is pulling and smaller is pushing?

I think I have big exhaust pulling air out of the tent and smaller one pulling air into the tent

A few options to make things better but first are you growing photo periods or autos?

The issue is that the bigger fan has a larger fanbis sucker faster then the smaller can supply air to it causing to much negative progresure. This can even make you fans heat heat up more then they should.

You can try to simply turn the big one down slowly till the sides only barely suck in and let it run a bit and see hiw Temps look.

It you are growing auto flowers then just do away with the smaller one and open ever hole you can on the bottom and you’ll be great…

Alot of those controllers can control 2 fans at once if the fans are both comfortable. Do you know if yours are or are they both plugged in to the controller?

Could I possibly have one of my fans facing the wrong way? Lol I thought I put them on properly

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This is always a possibility. Easy check though, most have little arrows pointing the direction air flows

So I have photos running at the moment, I’ll check the way the air is flowing aswell when lights come on. I only have the exhaust plugged into the controller I don’t know if the smaller one can be plugged in or not

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So yeah photos you want keep it sealed up…
I think if you could balance it out where it’s coming and going real close to the same. Honestly it could be better to have slightly more pressure coming in then going out so as the out take always has a good amount to pull from…
I actually just use hose to help keep light out on my photo flower tent. I do have to keep one of them basically hanging over a portable AC though or Temps go way up fast… but this works for me.
I have the vents open now because I’m reveging one so lightvus on 24hrs anyway.
But you can see the hoses.

Even though the one is in the top hole the hose runs to the bottom so it. My fan and driver fir the light are both out side the tent also to help keep Temps down, if that’s something you could maybe do …

I think I could possibly have the fan out of the tent but I don’t know about the light mine is an older style of led

I forgot to say, the placement of the probe can be different Temps then other areas of the tent for sure. But as long as your probe is at the same level as the plant canopy, then that’s the important temp anyways.

The fan couldn’t hurt but honestly they don’t make alot of heat when running normally.
I think just the tur. The big one down a little bit would be the first thing I tried.

I’ll let you know how it goes and if it helps or not

Or if you could just add a hose from the top. It would give it some passive air flow to compensate for the smaller one and possibly run. Both wide open