Troubleshooting these clones

Hey all. Looking for some advice from more experienced peeps. These girls are making me nervous. Any thoughts?

They need transplanted into a bigger pot ASAP

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Agree transplant asap

Just cal mag in you water no nutrients.

I’m still figuring out the stress signs, someone here will know more.

Either way just transplant in some good draining pots or bags and just give water.
The soil has plenty of nutrients for little plants.
Light nutrients once bigger and build from there

Pick your final pot now as transplanting is always a stressful time

Don’t over water. Soak soil but let it get mostly dry before next soak. Too much water will drown them. No oxygen no grow!

Keep as simple as possible until you get to know your girls

Good luck!!

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Thanks all! We reported and they’re doing great!

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