Troubleshooting leaf problem

one of my white widows has this problem affecting maybe 5% of the leaves. It’s interesting in the picture that only half of one leaf is affected. Wondering what y’all think this is.

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Ive got no picture. Please resend.

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Hey i askd then i found it :joy:


Just for a point of reference. But i have NO IDEA what the heck is going on here… @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan62 @Niala

Be prepared to feel out a heat ticket. But these 3 should know or point us towards some lit.

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Are you in flowering? Like how old is the gal? And also are u supplementing camag? O and also what growing medium? (Yup gon fill out that heat ticket)

Found us eh @Poseidon. Now im def watching :joy:

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Smokin’ a bowl and looking at posts :eyes::mask:

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CaliMag needed. That is my guess. Key word is “guess”

Need PPM/EC and PH variables before dosing those. I would give some FloraMicro nutes as well… After testing PPM

As a soul surfer I’m loosey goosey with the formulas and scientific stuff. Just top dressing a mix of meals(kelp, fish bone, langbenite, high nitro bat guano seabird guano and some gypsum and worm castings every two weeks. The plant in question is in a 20 gal fabric pot, so I’m top dressing with double the amount versus my other white widow which is next to it in a 10 gal pot. The amount of supplements I’m basing on the 10 or 20 gallon volume so I kind of think I’ve got some excess problem. My assumption is that the additions get eventually equally distributed in the soil, which is probably wrong.

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Also. Coco based heavily amended mix to start

Well poop. I have nothing there. I use soil. N amend like that. But the time or to she went nuts were before i knew about pH’n.

I know a outdoors guy but he is gettin tired if my tags. So ill hit a few others. @1BigFella @Willd and after careful deliberation @Countryboyjvd1971 because ur gonna keep getting tired of me lol

@MBgrower i think does outside as well


I wonder if it’s insect damage? The fact that it affects only certain leaves and then only part of the leaf, suggests it isn’t something systemic affecting the whole plant. If you don’t see anybody on those leaves with your magnifier, try going out at night and see if you have some transients coming in for a meal.

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Do you smoke cigarettes, or does anyone that you’ve been around before being near your plants? Could be tobacco mosaic virus. Similar leaf symptoms anyway:

Maybe CaMg and or Tobacco mosaic. I quit using tobacco a couple of years ago but. I have it on a bunch of my girls & they get plenty of CaMg+
Tobacco mosaic does a number on tomatoes too. I just keep removing affected leaves from the weed as they age out.
I am pretty loose with the nute “formula” as well but have mine directly in the ground to avoid pH issues.

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Looks like possible magnesium
I dont think its tmv at the moment its a bit hard to judge by just a few leaves


Agreed on the Mg diagnosis too. Tobacco mosaic is more yellow than brown where the lesions appear on the leaves.

You cannot get TMV from modern dried and cured tobacco, whether that is premade cigarettes or “roll yer own”.

Been over that one already, and to the best of my knowledge, including people who have sent samples for testing or have bought test kits and reported the results, there is not one confirmed case of TMV in marijuana.

There is a different virus which can affect cannabis, but thankfully it seems to be as rare as rocking horse poop.

As I look at the pics, and the progression, I wonder about bugs or some sort of fungus, first pic does have spots that do look like LSF and it would explain why only parts of the leaves are affected.

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