Troubled plant?


I got this plant given to me, i am a first time grower and not sure if its healthy. I use ff big blooms for the nutes and also tried fish emolsion for nitrogen(yellowing leaves)
I also have given epsoms salt for magnesium.
Can anyone tell meif theyellowing at this stage is normal foran outside plant?

Heres some outdoor growers @Big123 @SmoknGranny @Willd @Harleydude1969
Im strictly indoor and somewhat of a noob, dont want to give misguided info :slight_smile:
Help will be along shortly butbin the mean time can you give a little more info on your plant please…

Strain and age will help muchly!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I dont know strain or real age it is about 90 days old. The plant was given to us by friend of friend. Sorry butthanks for the tags in outdoor grow i appreciate any help i can get

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I would get rid of other plants around her with shovel. If you can swing it, get a bag of earthworm castings and work them into the soil a few inches down all around her, stay about 8 inches from her stalk - 3 feet all the way around her and give her a good watering. How much sunlight does she get it?

I like to go 1/2 strength when I fertilize and always water it in, your lady looks like she could use some nitrogen in addition to flowering nutrients.


She gets about 6-7 hours of sunlight. I will give your suggestions a try. I gave her a tsp of fish emolsion per gallon of water on friday. I havebeen giving Tablespoon pergallon of fox farm big bloom once a week. I will try the earthworm casting and see how it works. Thanks again @Big123

She has some potential for sure. Expand her perimeter and get rid of other plants. I would work in worm castings in the perimeter and stay several inches away from stalk.


Thanks so much @Big123, for taking the tome for me. I have 3 sour diesel growing inside too but they look better. Pretty much expermenting to see what happens😄 I gave more nitrogen and h20 I will have to go later to pick up worm castings. Here is a pic of the inside grow.A little tricky in avoid mildew. I think we are past that now so now just watering and nutes😄probably a month or 6 weeks to go. My guess anyways. Thank you so much!


Welcome to the forum :hugs: @Big123 has given you some great advice. I’m learning as I go this year myself and made a few mistakes already consequently, I’m hesitant to offer much :blush: I’m going to tag in @Budbrother and see if he has anything to add.

Looks like @Big123 covered it :grinning:


Thank you for the welcome and the referral :grinning:

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Im having trouble telling the difference between mold and just trichomes. I have just a app on my phone for magnifier.

Just a little paranoid, dont want to ruin all my hard work, lol

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Blurry pictures don’t help us

Sorry gonna have in invest in better magnifier, :grimacing:

Snap a regular picture so we can zoom it

Does that help? Hands are a bit shakey

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Looks like the same picture as the first above. Sorry can’t help.

Sorry @Budbrother my camera was acting up as well. Hope these help

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Looks to be spider mites. Do you have any diatomaceous earth? Put a couple drops of dish soap into a gallon water. Spray tops and bottoms of the leaves. Allow leaves to dry before dusting with the DE. Top dress soil with some as well. In 3 days you will have to repeat this process again to get the babies. Maybe even 3 days after that again. Spider mites at quite common outdoors; especially with the summer heat. You’re too far along to use Neem oil. @Big123 might take a second look for me. What do you think?

@Budbrother agree about food grade diatomaceous earth :earth_asia: dusting the soil around plant too.

Thank you @budbrother and @big123 for the advice. They are looking better but I need to know if those spots will go away or do i just watch new growth? I feel they have about 6 weeks left or so right? Can you tell me about advanced nutrients? I will read up as much as I can. Learning alot on my first grow…thanks much!