Troubled Clone Leaves

What is wrong with this indoor clone, just planted out doors last week. I gave the clones to my stubborn husband and he just showed them to me. I didn’t have phone with me so I didn’t take a picture. I just pulled one of the distorted leaves and when I got back thought I would see what you guys think. I looked at lot of pictures but never saw leaves like these, they look like caterpillars at first glance. So what do you say he needs to do?


My first thought would be over watering. Curling leaves, puffy in between the veins and I would assume the branches to the leaves are sagging as well?

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Well we have been having lots of rain for a couple of weeks and that was my first thought. I know nothing about outside grow. There are so many rocks down here in Southern Mo. I will be surprised if he is able to make them worth wile. Thanks for the shout back.:herb:

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Was the clone taken from a plant in flower? Could also be the clone is going through a re-veg process.


Yes, all the clones I had were from broken stems I broke accidently and I put them into water and they rooted. They came from flowering plants. a couple of them had little buds on them. I picked them off and don’t really know why. I thought they would be shocked when planted outside in the ground. Wish I had done it myself. Oh well, I have enough to last me till next year, maybe two. I see they are finally talking about legalizing cannabis recreational in Illinois, now. I’m thinking that will happen in all states in the next couple of years. Hope, I am alive to see it. :herb: