Troubled batch, diagnose and options?

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m based in Queensland Australia and have some White Widow Feminized plants that I do an Indoor / Outdoor system with.
At an indoor location I have had a mother plant for just over 12 months that i grew from one of your seeds and after the clones are about 50cm high I transplant them out side to my grow site.
They have been going good but I’ve got this batch that seems to be having some trouble ( Photos attached )
I do Natural grow setup using Blood and bone fertilizer and seaweed extract plus i use some hydroponic sprays occasionally, I also use compost, wood ash and a legume hay mulch.
I am getting some yellowing on the tips and the buds are not forming correctly ( see photo )
Could this be a nutrient lockout or deficiency ?
Its not on every plant ( out of 100 its on 3 or 4 )
Do you have any options I could try ?

1st photo is the grow site
2nd & 3rd photos is the yellowing issue
4th photo is 1 of 3 plants that have just wilted and died for no reason.
5th photo is the normal buds I get.
6th photo my indoor cloning area with mother plant ( 1.8 mtrs high and the love of my life LOL )

amount of time in veg - for that large plant ? Nice ans bigggggg- strain ? also nice buds. When growing outdoors you are at the mercy of mother nature -grow is good - nutrients used if any ?

my thoughts are that you only have problems in 4% of your grow. It appears to me that you are growing right in the ground. So; I would think that you have 3-4 plants in a bad patch of soil, or that possibly the ground around the affected plants is holding too much water, and not draining well.

I do not think you would get Sun scald on just 3-4 plants, Hard to say without more info.

If you joined us here in the forum; Fill out a “Support Ticket”, found pinned in the beginner’s section, you would find that there are many knowledgeable and expert grower will to help here at ILGM :slight_smile: