Trouble with seeds lately

Lately ive been having trouble getting my seeds to sprout out of the ground. I always plant them just below the surface and they always pop but now im having trouble they just keep on dieing are they weak seeds im assuming

I put mine in a glass of water for 48hrs until they pop then paper towel if you want… 1/4 inch tail and it will never fail

I just put them in a cup of water with a top full of hydrogen peroxide till they have a tail im having trouble getting them to come up from the ground three as of lately which is 3 too many at the cost of them

I agree but don’t understand about them not coming up unless to much or not enough… over watering would definitely do it

Definitely not overwatering or underwatering always use spray bottle it works every time up until now

Wow that’s crazy i don’t understand really :confused:

Has to be the seeds then is my only guess…

We need way more info so we can help. A support ticket would be beneficial.

Support ticket…

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I was taught to bury it deep enough and covered but leave a tiny spec of the seed so I know where it is incase of trouble… The problem with it was that it didn’t take root very well and was very weak. I found that going a little deeper had better results especially if you need to remove the helmet.