Trouble with plant feeding

A question from a fellow grower:

I ordered your grow booster pack and followed the feeding chart but my plants stopped growing and now I’m getting yellow leafs on some from the bottom moving up I also use a DWC system and the brown booster keeps clogging up all over the roots of my plants I don’t get why it’s not working it’s been 3 weeks and no change everything is right the ppm, PH, Temp I don’t get it

Strain - White Widow/ Short Ryder
Hydroponic -Dwc
Ph 5.8 constant in reservoir
Tds- ppm are right going off your grow chart. Indoor grow box 3 CFL lights 22 watt 100 watt equivalent temps never go higher than 80 or lower then 72. Ventilation system yes on co2 I use tablets

go to the “Blog”, “Guides”, or “Seeds” web page, scroll to the bottom, find “contact ILGM” and use that form to discuss your situation…I just opened a ticket concerning nutrient expectations.