Trouble with leaves

Growing Trainwreck, have been having trouble with the Leaves sort of shriveling and turning a bit yellow. This is only happening to my train wreck, the Apollo and Sequoia Strawberry are doing fine. All in the same soil, nutes,etc. Any suggestions as to what the issue maybe?

Looks like that one is magnesium hungry. What are you supplying for magnesium?

I am using the technofloura kit this is my third grow, 3 plants each time i am using the same fox farm soil but this time added soil conditioner,i have always had awesome results and never had to use anything but the kit it is on amazon,the magnesium is in the mix,should i add my own calmag or something?

If ph is in check, adding epsom salt (unscented) at 1tbsp per gallon on water days will help out with magnesium. It will also add sulphur which helps the plants immune system. Foliar spraying with the water
and epsom mix, just before lights out, will have a more immediate effect.


Thank you, Iadded the cal mag or technaflouras equal ( Magi cal it is called,It has the same ingredients)Mind if I hit u up with more questions later?

Sure can

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Hey ,have u heard of recharge? or using co2 what do u think?

Personally, I have no experience with recharge so I wont comment on that one. CO2 is for those that use extremely powerful lighting and have a way to control environment without ejecting the gas.
The greatest gains will be had by controlling your environment / VPD and your ph and nutrient delivery. Before you even think about running CO2 enrichment, those things need to be dialled in 100 percent!

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Thanks much I just got got epsom salt was going to do that then next week my Mycorrhizae ,great white comming in maybe to help with nute and water uptake ,Does all this sound o.k.?

Yep sorta! Great white myco is not really necessary to grow good cannabis. If you plan on using bottled nutes and salts its probably just a waste of money? For mycos to work it needs a biome, things like micro organism and bacteria. Most bottled nutes tend to swing ph so much that living things like mycelium and bacteria cant thrive.

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