Trouble with getting seeds into Australia?

Cheers mate is there any particular way you ordered them or straight to your postal address ?
Or can you recommend a way as I have never ordered from here before

Hi Mate
can you give me any pointers of how to order for delivery into Oz just not sure how to go about it
Cheers mate

@sweetas, just decide on the seeds you want , place in cart , then proceed to check out and then just be patient, they will get here, with seeds make sure you look at type climate they need ,you can have them come straight to your address, or any you like. If they get seized by customs the worse you get is a letter saying it is illegal to bring seeds into oz.

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QUEENSLAND GROWERS WARNING! Hi guys, if anyone in Queensland buys seeds and they do not show up be careful, Customs is right on to it big time in QLD, they inform the local police who gets warrants to search the properties that they where marked to be sent to, i know as I just got raided today early in the morning, and I live in the bush 40min to nearest city, police drove for 31/2 hours to get to my place. So be warned if you live in QLD, do not buy seeds and get them sent to this state QLD, you can get them through WA though if you know someone who can pass them on to you.