Trouble with getting seeds into Australia?



Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else out there from Australia is having issues with receiving purchased seeds. My first order was received, then I ordered another lot that haven’t arrived. I contacted the supplier who guaranteed delivery so they honored the guarantee and tried to resend. I never received my shipment so not they are offering a refund stating it must be customs or international mailing issues.

Anyone else having these issues? Your feedback is appreciated.



Not from Australia but yes I have heard of people being just unlucky and getting jammed up at custom stops along the way some have been 30 days or more and suddenly one day in the mail. You never know your mail man may be putting them into flower about now lol . Not making fun of the situation just saying a thousand things can go wrong when we buy seeds sorry for your situation bud


Thanks @Oldstoner. Lol, bit frustrating, I did think about the postie… looks like he could enjoy the herb. I’m trying to work out what to do to get another batch to my mailbox. Surely Australian customs would contact you if ceased. Maybe it’s overseas??? I’m thinking I will try again in a few months maybe.


as being a kiwi i sure customs would send you a letter with a warning as they do in new zealand,as being a ex post working mail do get lost, or gos around the world a few time be4 it gets to you


As a rule I clone everything this puts me in the position of only needing seeds for strains one time even if I were to grow outside I would likely take same approach. Seeds can be fickle a strain can be easily had one day and gone the next so when I buy seeds I store some plant only a few select a mother and clone away. A mother plant properly kept will live years some go as far as grafting strains to a single mother for future use I know this may not help your current situation much but it may help how you order and keep inventory in the future since you will only need to get hands on a strain once.


@Oldstoner, now that’s messed up to even think about the post man, growin and smoking your herb as he delivers your mail. I hope you can get it figured out where you can get seeds brother, @maxlarge


@maxlarge. I have had 6 lots delivered now, first lot took just over a month, after that ,they have taken anywhere from 3 weeks to 7 weeks, and my postie, looks stoned everyday lol,its a waiting game .hope they come through soon for you.


just asking is this seeds ordered from ILGM or AMS ??? .
Hammer .


I was going to ask the same as @Hammer
Ive ordered seeds twice off ilgm and other things a couple times too. Got first seed order fine, the next season I didn’t receive the second seed order, they reshipped straight away and I received them. Ive seen people miss out on seeds many times in a row due to customs or who knows what, but ilgm always resends them, one of many reasons I won’t buy anywhere else :v:


Hi @Hammer, seeds were ordered from ILGM. ILGM have been awesome and my first seeds are now beautiful plants. You guys were great with honouring the warranty and resending but unfortunately the seeds still haven’t arrived. I really wanted to see how common this is in Australia as our customs etc are so full on. You guys have now offered me a full refund, not ideal but still awesome service. Thinking I will try and order again in future.


yes ive heard the same lately about the Australia customs as of late ,. but here’s a thought ,hold on to the refund and try ordering again in a month or 2 , sucks i know . but then if you can arrange it place the order again and ship to a different address , mite help . . And iam very sorry to hear about the bad luck . It’s a Crazy world right now .
Ps thanx for your kind words and understanding .

sincerely Hammer .


Hey Mate just wondering if your in OZ ?


Sure am. You a fellow Aussie hey?


Certainly am mate just a question have you purchased from this site and was it all good


They are very good and guaranteed delivery, I’m also in Australia ,and will vouch for them, you just need to be patient Ascot can take a few weeks.,I’ll be placing an other order this weekend. @sweetas


Cheers mate is there any particular way you order or straight to your address. If so would you recommend anything. :+1:


@sweetas, no just place your order ,sit back must be patient that’s the key word, if after 3/4 weeks have not turned up contact administration let them know they will sort it , most times they make it through customs ,but every now and then they stop them , but nothing becomes of it and ilgm will just re send , what seeds are you getting?


Cheers mate any strain you recommend for indoor


Sorry for the late reply mate. I think @Coltfire has pretty much covered it. My experience has been good. My first seed order arrived and I grew some beautiful plants. I did try and order more that didn’t arrive. ILGM were fantastic as they tried to reship again (still no seeds) then gave me a full refund. Given Australian customs and the postal system are so regulated I think ILGM does well. One thing they also advised me was sometimes seeds can go missing prior to even hitting Aussie shores. All I can say is good luck and trust in ILGM doing everything they can. :sunglasses::call_me_hand:


Not sure how things work there, but I would try sending under a different name to a different address. I would assume either or both are flagged now if you’ve had an order discovered already.