Trouble ticket for stunted plants

You should let slurry set for 12-24 hours @Nod

Can do. I’ll check tomorrow same time same temp and keep them covered. Thanks.

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It from early reading # 3 is low :+1:

Slurry pH results after 24hrs- samples filtered


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Those numbers lol ok good brother


So I think my plan going forward will be generally just wait and see. About all I can do at this point, besides doing the hover-over thing is water when needed. I put the runt back under the dome of shame and ordered a humidifier to help with our latest blast of cold/dry. The wet towel is not helping much. I’m going to pick up some Happy Frog later and start thinking about my next attempt, which will be a femmed White Widow scrog. Saturday will be 21days since these seeds made the surface and that’s getting old for autos with just four leaves and I wanna be ready to go in with something else. @Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon @Myfriendis410 @merlin44 @blackthumbbetty @peachfuzz @BIGE @Donaldj @dbrn32


Sounds like a good plan to me. You’re trying to use towel to bring rh up? Anyway you can slow down exhaust?

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I have intake and exhaust fans but neither have speed controls yet. I have them both on one timer to run simultaneously, but I can run one or none. So no, just on or off. I have been unplugging the intake fan as it pulls from outside and it’s been cold here recently. Try to keep my room temp at 70F minimum. About 75 average. This morning my rh was 28.

Not sure about weather by you, but it’s extremely dry here. Do you think disconnecting the intake and running it passive from inside the house? And then just trying the exhaust with wet towel.

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Yes sir dry here too one day, but blink and it changes. When I turn off the intake it still pulls passively from outside but my heater can keep up with that. I could disconnect the intake altogether and probably help the rh a bit, but my grow room is a separate room in my basement and I would essentially be recycling the air, not that it would make a huge difference. The humidifier will be here Friday and I hope I can control the rh closer to 50-60 while vegging, or what do you think would be optimum?

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Ya that’s what I was getting at. Inside air is probably at least a little higher, and will probably increase some if you’re recycling air.

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I just heard on our news that our rh is 18% right now! That’s crazy for us. Explains a lot with my seedlings.


@Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon @Myfriendis410 @merlin44 @blackthumbbetty @peachfuzz @BIGE @Donaldj @dbrn32
At day 21 showing some growth in new leaves, some yellowing. I’ve added a humidifier, able to get up in the 60s rh. I doubled my water to 500mL from 250 each plant. Is this even enough for a 5gal bag? Also will start germinating my last 2 NL Autos in Happy Frog. Hopefully the good media will make a difference.


I don’t really measure water for plants that small. Generally just put a small ring around about halfway between plant and edge of pot.