Trouble since my plants started flowering

Question from a fellow grower:

I’m desperate to know whats going wrong . they are jack herer veggie
for 4 ish weeks with no problem , into flower and these symptoms appear
around the end of week 2 . I’m so disappointed
only consolation is if you guys can help me understand whats happening .
please respond to this .

Look like to me you made the common mistake every new grower makes when switching from veg nutrients to flower nutrients , which most growers don’t transition the plant properly . Whenever you switch your plant from veg to flower , for the first two weeks after you flipped the lights , you still continue your nitrogen in your feeding and remove it gradually until the plant makes the transition . But you can check your ph and if it’s way out of range , try flushing your plants and feed them a balance feeding of bloom nutrients with a half dose of grow and 2.5 ml of cal-mag . It looks like you have a nutrient lock out and it’s causing your plants to show defiencies . But filling out a support ticket could give us a more idea of where you went wrong after you made the switch .