Trouble shooting

So I’ve noticed some nute burn or nut deficiency I’m not sure …cant seem to lvl this girl out …im using 1 part coco 1 part promix 1 part manure sheep and shirmp) I’m using advance nutes and felling feeding even tryed reducing nuts to half…I run 600 watt hps and 300 watt led for full spectrum…also run co2 bags…ph on run of was 6.8 I’m just out of options on what to do…I also use cal mag and I use crystal rock water with a ph 6.5…would really like some advice on what to do

Ppm readings on run off is only 350 so very concernd

The way the leaves are curling up I’m thinkin light burn. Is it mainly up on top?


Thats what i was thinking too lol

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How much run off do you get when you water till runoff

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