Trouble lowering soil ph during flush

I am growing in soil in cloth pots I’m trying to flush soil ( ph 7.4 ) I was able to lower it to 7.08 - 7.10 After 15 gal. ph’ed water 6.3 - 6.5) in 7.10 out ppm only 580 at start I’ve been feeding ff trio full strength. Plant is eating itself sugar leaves are turning yellow all over the plant from bottom to top viens are yellow also These are photo plants started 4/6 and in veg

Can you post some pics?

Whenever you flushed with the 15 gallons did you switch pans after each couple gallons or did you catch all the runoff into one or two containers?

I emptied container after each time I checked ph

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What water did you flush with? I know you said it was ph’d. But where did the water come from?

And what ph meter do you have? Have you recalibrated it and double checked your numbers?

I have a vantakool digital ph meter and I did not calibrate before flush but I just recalibrated it yesterday know I’ll have to recheck run off again plants are starting to recover a little getting back a little green in veins of yellowing leaves

Watch for new growth. Leaves that have been damaged will not fix themselves, they will be that way from here on out.

What water did you use to flush with?

tap water that was aged a couple days open to the air.

Hello @dbld55 SickO is asking all the right questions. Something to point out tho. I have one of those VankaKool’s and its not the most reliable. Keep it calibrated til u can spend on better quality ph meter. Itll shock u how out of range it gets. After 15 galls ur still @7.1? Thats alot. Did you recheck it against the regular tap? Its like a recal check. Say…

Before starting water is @ 8.
After first gall, runoff @ 7.4
After fifth gall, runoff @ 7.2
Check ph meter to tap should still be @ 8. If its .5 off you probably need another meter
Continue flush

I want to thank you guys for helping out I recalibrated the meter and it seemed to be off now I don’t trust it so I am going to replace it hopefully with a better one I don’t mind spending money on a better one if its more reliable

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Excellent. Happy u got it figured out

If you top dress some bat guano on your plant. It’ll take a few weeks but it will drop your ph to with in the desired range. Your plants will love it! Good luck

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Thank you I will have to try this

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It will take a few applications but it does work. I brought 2 plants soil ph down from 7.2 to 6.4
It’s not a fast process but watch your run off ph after a couple weeks.

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