Trouble in seedling town...Help

Moved lights up last night. Thanks for the advice!!! @Mr_Wormwood.
It was too late to get dome lids. going today to get after work. ( why do we have to work :joy::joy:)
Here are a Couple of pictures of my girls this morning!!

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Looking good

The stretch, on the lower right one, right now is manageable, but watch and see if the stems get really leggy… and if they do, drop the light back down, as long as the leaves are not being damaged then it’s OK.

I don’t know with your light how much your plants can take but for now they look great

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Dome lids haven’t come in yet, so I improvised… thank you gas station slushee lids :joy: added Saran Wrap loosely to the top and tada…

Can’t forget the crochet hook :hugs: to keep it from blowing off ( an old hobby came in clutch )

I will have my Fox Farms Soil (Ocean Forest and Happy Frog) either purchased by Sat or delivered on Monday ( it’s hard to find here for some reason ) I originally purchased Natures living soil concentrate and bags of organic soil to mix, I have just been reading so much on Fox Farms and it just seems a little bit easier to manage (nutrients,PH etc) for a newbie such as myself!!

I’m totally open for opinions on this :slightly_smiling_face:

I plan on moving them to their final 5 gal fabric pots middle of next week at day 10ish.

Thank ya’ll for being so friendly and open to offering great advice. I’m not going to lie I was a bit nervous to post on a forum but ya’ll have eased this worry :heart: Just a bunch of friendly folks wanting to see each other succeed!! Thanks again :heart:


I’m super new as well keep it up

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Try to resist the urge to transplant early. I can tell you that when i can see a pretty good root structure in a clear cup usually takes about 20 - 25 days. You cant see that with the red cups but if you have a strong structure it makes it easier and stress the autos less. I have two photos just about 10 days also, one is a bruce banner photo and one is a mystery bag seed.

Problem is i got stoned and got em mixed up so well, it will be a surprise. Ill post a pick when i get a better root picture.


A lot of people here use fox farm soils and just so you are aware, ffof is a hotter soil than the ffhf. The ocean forest has more nutrients in it than the happy frog does. While using either one you should not have to feed your girls for a month or so due to the soils being so nutrient rich. Just an FYI

@TRF Thank you for the FYI :slightly_smiling_face: I do have Fox Farms soil coming on Monday. I also already have live soil and organic to mix. (1# bottom of a 5gal container, fill 1/3 with organic-mix the two, fill the rest with organic). I’m leaning towards going with my original plan. If I use the live, when will they need to be fed? There is so much info out there, I’m currently in doubt everything I think mode :joy:


@vanillaness I couldn’t tell you as I use ffof but @HippieRunner or @Deez probably can. They’ll come chime is soon. Happy growing


Thanx @TRF.
It sounds like @Phoneman and the rest of the crew has you going down the correct path. I’m happy to see others using the clear cups inside the red cups so the root system can be monitored. Alittle old school action that works great :wink: Like said above wait to transplant. You want a nice little root system before you do so. Others wise it will give her one heck of a shock, more than it needs, and it will be more of a mess.
Keep that light as close as you can. If you see ‘any’ sign of damage raise it a bit.
Abut the soil. I would go with the basic organic mix. Not layered int he pot just the same mix the entire way threw. I feel like this allows you to monitor the moisture alot better. Plus you will be adding/creating nutrients that ‘all’ the roots will adsorb. Also the roots will grow in every directions. Up, down, side ways, zig-zag and backwards.
Feeding for us is done once per week. We choose to go with a freshly brewed tea. We will randomly give them some extra stuff from time to time. (Fish/ crab/ shrimp). After a while they will enjoy the fresh water the most :slight_smile:
Happy growing…


Looking good and all I’d say is that if this is your first grow stick to bagged soil rather than mixing your own. Minimize hassle and keep it simple. At the risk of sounding like a D, the folks at Fox Farm or Coast of Maine are way better at mixing soil than you are so just let them do their thing while you learn to do yours and in a grow or two down the road you start mixing your own if that’s what you wanna do. You can do Fox Farm soil and grow organic if you want. Just use it as is out of the bag and top dress with organic fertilizers as you start to use up what’s in the soil.

Just my .02. There’s so much to learn if you are a self described Super Newbie and I’m of the opinion that you’ll be happier and have a better yield with a successful grown kept basic


^^^ that being said…there’s ALSO a LOT of resources out there (including THIS site/forum) with super soil recipes for cannabis if you look. It’s not THAT hard and it will save you a LOT of $$$. I had to have 12cuft in just ONE raised planter box and if i’d have bought FF bagged soil it would have been over 600.00 just in soil… all said and done i mixed my own for $150.00 for that 12cuft raised planter box :wink: I did end up buying ONE 54qt bag of FF Happy Frog for some later germ’d things and for when they need transplanting. Didn’t have enough left over of my mix (which also planted 6 in the ground with leftover) to meet those needs :wink:

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@Phoneman if you wouldn’t mind; when should I take their domes off? Here is a picture of the girls today!

Thank you :blush:

So i went back in your posts and these are about 12 or 14 days yes? I would be expecting some more growth by now. As far as the domes go, i usually take em off at about 10 days, thats when i put em under a small blurple light like the one you have until i transplant em into 5 gal fabric pots. These are at 18 days and gonna be trans into their final pots probably this weekend.

I suspect they are growing some roots but only time will tell. Cant tell from the pics, how moist is the soil?

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I have them at day 12 today ( if I counted correctly) the girls popped through the soil on 7/12 (maybe I’m on day 11?) I started counting the day after sprouting.

At this stage they dont need much water. I use ffof start to finish so i cant speak about feeding them at that stage. Keep misting the inside of the domes, about all the moister they need right now, i would go with the veg and bloom light on about 18 inches above plants. Give em another week.

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Soooooooooo…I think I bought feminized and not auto’s :woman_facepalming:t3:!!! My invoice says “feminized” white widow if it was auto, I’m assuming it would say that some where??? I probably shouldn’t of smoked so much before placing my order :sweat_smile::joy:. I reached out to customer support to tell me for sure. I will feel like such an idiot if these are not auto’s :flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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If they r ILGM the package should say FAP at least thats what my white widow autos i got said.

U posted a pic of your package…not autos my friend. Not the end of the world either. Just means you have more control and maybe they wont be so finicky.


Alright, I’m headed to another forum :joy:. I will be back for my Auto’s :joy: thanks all for the helpful info!!!

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:blush:wanted to show progress