Trouble in seedling town...Help

Hi, all!! Super newbie here and looking for help. I have attempted to germinate 14 Auto flower White Widow seeds in the past 2 weeks a few different ways and have been able to grow absolutely nothing other than what I was able to get to pop out of the Jiffy Peet. See Below - I call him long boi :slight_smile:

Methods Tried:

Jiffy Peet Pods (grew the tall guys that died) tried this x’s 2.
Paper Towel and plate method – nothing
Soaking in water for 24 hours and placing in medium of organic soil and leaving in warm dark area. (there are so many different recommendations for this regarding darkness and light… and I am way overthinking it at this point)

What can I be doing wrong? I have read a lot before doing this and thought I had a good handle on it LOL… one thing I want to ask is how do you get the inside of the grow tent to be warm AND humid? Currently I have a space heater in the room to help the temp to maintain 78-80 degrees F. Does humidity play a factor in germination because I cannot get our tent to climb above the mid 30’s.

These are the items I am currently using - I do have PH testers for water and soil. (I have been using distilled water that ph tests 6-7)

Thank you in advance everyone!!

6 in Carbon Filter
6 in inline fan 2

BH&G Organic soil
Giixer LED grow lamp 2

Jiffy Peet
long boi

solo cup w drainage

Whitewalker AF

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Only been at it for a couple years myself, but have had some of the same issues as you. Trial and error is good but geez at some point you just want to grow a frikin weed right?
I can only tell you how i made it work for me.
I germinate mine by droppin em in a glass with plain ol tap water and a splash of peroxide. Until i can sink em. Then into a damp paper towel inside a sandwich bag and just sit it under my tv stand on top of the electronics gets just warm enough.
Usually a day or two i get tap roots about 1/2 or an inch long.
Then they go into a clear solo cup with the medium i grow with fox farm ocean forest, and the that goes into a red solo cup(lets me monitor root progress) i know some say OF is too hot but I get em goin fine. Drain holes in both clear and red cups. I keep them under a low watt incandescent bulb with them also being covered by a half clear solo as a dome on each.
Very little water is needed except for spritzing the inside of the domes and placing back on top of the girls, because a few days before i even planted them in the cups i ran water thru the clear cup with soil and mostly let it evaporate.
They stay under light on 24 hr light for at least 10 days then i put em on 18 and 6 light sched.
After that i just watch em until i get i real nice web of roots in the clear cup i can see then i transplant into there 5 gal pots.
About 4 months later its jack pot time, ya, theres alot of stuff in between lol.
Note im growing photos now but i started with WWAs.
Autos are kinda finicky, they do what they want time wise. And transplanting can kind a freak em out but only sometimes its a crap shoot with autos.
Sorry i got wordy, hope it helps. Dont give up.
Im sure some more experienced dudes will chime in.


'Nuff said…

            Are the seeds germinating and then then dying or not germinating at all
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Welcome:) also seed planting depth and like above a seed soak will help stop helmet heading , can use your own saliva on the casing it may help break down shell enough for the cotey leaves to break free, or scalpel as a last resort


I know… right now I’m at the point where I’m looking at these cups like are you friggin kiddin me :joy: This is awesome information!! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain and what a smart idea for the clear solo cup.

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We had 3 pop out with the cap on, cap never came off and that was it…limped over and died. The others nothing.

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well I agree with @Phoneman don’t give up but 3 out of 14 isn’t a great result sometimes you have to help the seedling along if the shell sticks on, limping over is called damping usually caused by over watering Many germination methods mine is paper towel damp not wet in a plastic food container put on top of my cable box and covered with a rag for darkness 95% success rate for me that way


I’ve had nearly 100% rate by following exactly what @Phoneman said


Other than what @Phoneman said, the only other thing I can offer is I personally would make drain holes bigger

Otherwise he has you covered for the germ part


Hi all,
Wanted to share what I woke up to this morning :hugs::hugs:!!


Little girls are growing up so fast :grinning:


Awesomeness…now get a low watt bulb and just let em grow. Looks quite damp i wouldnt give em much water for a while. Put the clear covers on them and that bulb can sit just above the covers.


If you’re germinating seeds and then planting, make sure shell is down and tail up. As long as you are planting deep enough the tail will right itself and pull husk off on its way up. I’ve had zero helmets using this technique. Otherwise I use similar process as @Phoneman. I omit water soak, put them straight into wet paper towel in ziploc bag with air trapped in. Then place on cable box. I don’t use clear plastic cup either.


Nice I’m also a first timer and I’m not giving up on this plant that helps my whole family I’ll send u a pic and maybe u can help me out thanks in advance


@Phoneman when you say low watt bulb… I originally bought a plant light

I have the veg light on, is that too much? I’m sorry for all these questions. But I so appreciate the advice/help!!

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That bulb should be fine

Having the veg light on won’t be too much really with it being a blurple I think but just in case I’d wait until someone else confirms this part

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I agree, should work. I use a 40 watt white light.

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My lights over my three!! Yes, I am a proud owner of triplets :joy::joy:

Just want to ask if my lights are too close? I’m so excited eek!!


Are your lights hot?
I’m pretty sure the rule is if you hold your hand over the plant, if you feel heat on the back of your hand, raise it until you no longer feel the heat

I assume that is the same for blurples

It does look kind of close, but if you can’t feel the heat, you are ok

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