Trouble in paradise

A question from a fellow grower:

So im in big trouble… I have a flower room with 6 plants 1 week away from finishing flowering…in the same room i had a new batch of 6 on their 4th week into flower…of the younger plants one happened to be a male. I was out of town and just came back to the male powder all over the room.
As far as i can tell the plants with one week left have not begun closing in for seeds… Think i should harvest a week early and cut my losses? What about the younger plants? Already ruined?
These are med plants…most high cbd…any advice?

Are their bannanas forming in the flowers?

Thanks Clair for posting my question…I’ll take over from here…
So as mentioned i have a grow room with two different ages, i’ll post pictures. Keep in Mind this is a medical grow for RSO products.

Do you have bananas forming in your flowers, the white “powder” is pollen so if there are bannanas in it there are seeds forming, and if cut down before any one else is affected by the pollen, otherwise if there are no bannanas id leave them alone for their last week, as for age how far apart are they

older girls. younger girls that got powdered the Charlettes web male that slipped in.

Technically the older girls are upstream as far as airflow but I think it would be nieve to think the pollen didnt reach them.

Well there are no bannanas and the top 2 pictures look good, id leave them alone for the last week of flower, as for the younger ones I can’t tell from full spectrum affect

these younger girls will develope seeds now right? Small buds? Older girls far enough to finish before seeds get to big? I think i can make oil out of the older ones without to much seed mass…but the younger girls are all going to be ruined i think?

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Ok again ill say this once more, look for bananas that are forming that will tell you if there are seeds or not I can already tell you from seeing the first couple pictures of the older plants there aren’t gunna be any seeds

Do you need a picture to help clarify? If so I can go grab one

No ive found some…thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Sweet! No problem sorry if any of it came out rude