Trouble humidity

Have a problem I do not know how to solve and thought about this forum.
cultivates in a tent 80x80x160cm but a 100mm suction fan with dimmer and has a 150mm as an extractor also with dimmer so I can regulate the pressure + a fan inside that moves in the tent.
Have problems with the humidity in the tent all the time on about 30% veg as bloom.
Has a fogmister in 2liter water bucket go for fully tested to shut off 150mm and have suction at very little pressure but 30% no matter how I do.
Satisfied with the result except wanting more tricomes

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I’m pretty sure lower rh in flowering has been shown to increase trichome development. So if that’s what you’re after, I wouldn’t try running it higher.

Yes iam after more tricomes.
What you meen higher what?

Do a humidity machine do more humidity then the fogger in a bucket whid water?