Trouble growing grandaddy purple in hydro

I’ve currently got two grandaddy purple plants in hydro (rdwc). One is thriving, one is not. The non-thriving one has crepey leaves, slow growth, possibly showing some kind of deficiency. Last grow I had a grandaddy purple that did the same thing. Died just as I was putting the other plants into flower.

Total of six plants in this grow and all others are doing fine, growing and looking very healthy.


RDWC hyrdo
Jack’s 3-2-1 nutes
50-60% humidity
70-75 degrees
Spider Farmer 4000 lights (two of 'em)

Anyone else have this experience?


They wouldnt happen to have been grown in the same container?

Nope. Two separate buckets.

What do your roots look like? How high is the water? What are the water temps?

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Can we get a picture?

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Roots look good. Healthy and voluminous. I noticed they were slightly tinged brown, but I’ve seen worse on healthy plants. I added a little more hydroguard directly to that bucket just now.


This is the healthy one.


She looks good. Both have the same level water?

First pic is the unhealthy plant’s roots. 2nd oic is the healthy plant’s roots.

Ph: 5.8
Water temp: 76.2
Water level is about an inch below the net pots.


After looking at the healthy/sick pics side by side, definitely looking like the beginnings of root rot. Already using hydroguard. What else can I do?

Any light leaks possible?

Just grasping straws. Trying to help figure this out my friend

Maybe. I placed a reflective cover over the top of the clay pebbles and net pot today. If light is leaking in, it would most likely be there. The covers fit tight and the buckets and lids are black.

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I would suggest a reset and change the nutrient solution out for a fresh batch before things get worse and lower the level to 2” below the net cup. Nice and healthy white roots on the other one, keep those temps around 68 in the buckets :love_you_gesture:. Grabbing a few excellent Hydro growers. @HappyHydroGrower @CooterJuice @Graysin


Its overwatered growmie, “may be” add a little cal-mag, but i would drop water first… Thats why one is ok, and one is not. One doesnt mind it as much, ive expirenced the exact same challenge with inconsistencies. Just had one out of 6 do this to me “touchy strain”

I would drop your water level to 5 or 6" under the net pot and it will stop in a couple days. When you start, you want the 1" under, as they get roots down into your sauce start dropping it. Goal should be about 1/3 of the bucket with water and 2/3 air by the time you flower.

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Thanks OG!


water level,
light leeks,
water temp,
and lights can cause similar symptoms.

Jacks has all the cal mag you need even though she has a spot or two of calmag symptoms. What cause the issue is what you need to figure out.

Water level too high will cause your plant to exhibit various symptoms. If they’re not getting enough air, your plant will start to die and appear wilted along with discolored leaves.

When water temps get too high, you stand a chance of root rot. Light penetrating the buckets will also affect the roots.
If any of the conditions exist, your pH will fluctuate which can lead to lockout.

If that’s the case, and was corrected, the damage has already been done. Sometimes they may recover but more often then not, you’re left with a damaged plant in some form that may take time to appear and eventually get worse.

Do you have a picture of your setup?

How do you have your buckets linked together?

Have you calibrated your pH meter lately?

Do you run Jacks full strength?

How much does your water temp fluctuate?

Do you have a water chiller?

How long have you been using hydroguard?

What size pipe do you have linking them together?

What size water pump do you have?

How many gal of water is in your system?

Do you have a picture of the whole plant?

Just some things to think about…
Good luck and keep’em growing. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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See my responses above.

The “sick” plant is the one in the upper left of the photo.

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Nice setup.

Have you had any issues with roots clogging the drain? Or, water level different, in different buckets?

Do all of your buckets hold the same amount of water?

Does your pump run all the time?

Is the AC blowing on, or even close to that plant, (upper left)?

If so, my next question would be, do you know the temp right near the plant, (canopy level) ?