Trouble germinating WW Auto's


Hello fellow growers , I need some knowledge and experiences on germinating Auto’s. I took advantage of the sale on the White Widow Autoflower , I’ve started germinating two , dropped them in water then placed them in starter soil. Only one popped and only had one leaf but she looks healthy and started to get second set of leaves. I’m from MA and have a short growing season. I’m planting in soil and also growing Roberts Gold Leaf Feminized which they will be placed straight in the ground and only growing 6 fem’s , last season I grew 9 fem’s in fabric pots , very successful but was very I was very overwhelmed at harvest so that’s why I thought I’d grow a few Auto’s
Just having a little trouble getting them to germinate. Any and all comments and concerns would be much appreciated !!!
This is my second grow and my 1st time growing Auto’s!!!
Thank You in advance for all your help and knowledge



I have also had trouble germinating the WW auto I bought from ILGM. 10 + 10 sale. There are others also.
So my advise would be, keep germinating until you get your desired plant count and keep the bad seeds. ILGM will replace the bad seeds.
Also you may want to germinate in water until you see a tap root, then place in paper towel until you get a 1/4 inch root then place in your grow median.
Good luck :sunglasses:


First time grower here too man and I had the same problem with regular fems and brought some critical purple autos. What I did was set my pots up with FFHF and buried a starter cube in the center of pot flush with soil. Put them in pod with tweezers flat spot up, watered, and put a glass over the starter cube. Left it alone for a day and checked on em and was surprised at how much of the tap root sprouted out. That was two days ago(Sunday afternoon/night). Try soaking them for a few hours then germ like I did. They should pop right out


Hello @MAXHeadRoom I also took advantage if the 10 for 10 , I started 6 seeds and only one has popped. I don’t want to drop any more with the not having much success. You stated to save the seeds , I have the ones that I haven’t started yet but what do I do with the 5 that didn’t , can’t see the seeds in the soil to send back and Thank You very much for your quick answer and concern and do you think I should try 2 more using the papertowel
Also I feel better Im not the only one


I got the same deal and so far I dropped 2 in water and only one sprouted so far. I’ll give it a few more days but I’ve never had an ILGM bean fail to germinate. Seems to be an issue with these autos for some reason.


You can try the paper towel method if you want to. I just do it that way and if they don’t pop then you will have them to send back if they request it. Out of all the seeds I have bought from ILGM, these are the only ones that I have had trouble with so I am not bashing ILGM most of the time they are good seeds. And with everything in nature they are bound to get a bad batch once in a while. They will replace them for sure so don’t worry, but just like you I was on a time schedule and wanted 5 to grow. I got 4 out of ten and one of those is pure yellow but is growing.

The one on the left is the best of the four and the one on the right is all yellow. If I get any bud out of it I will call it mellow yellow. LOL


Its not you or your method . I have germinated 100s of seeds over the years and white widow auto is a bitch. Also purchased 10 plus 10 deal and so far only a 50% success rate. Only other ilgm variety to give me grief was og kush fem. Definately a poorly bred batch of seeds.


These are the 10+10 deal seeds germinated in 3% hydrogen peroxide from a pharmacy.

I use 1ml peroxide to 50ml water.
All 5 were planted and doing good.

All I can say is it works good for me. I lost a bunch of seeds 3 grows ago and someone on the forum told me about this method @MBgrower


thanks man i shall try that method with my remaining stock


Don’t leave them in the water more than 48hrs once they’ve popped. If you’re not ready to plant, put them in a moist paper towel until then @mountainman1. If they haven’t popped by 48 hours in hydrogen peroxide and water, they’re not going to from my experience.


I also bought many seeds from ILGM last year and evert single one popped and I had duch a beautiful, successful grow. Even though Im having some problems with only the WW Auto’s I will not ever say a bad thing about their seeds . I’ve learned so much from all the guide’s and the support from this forum, everyone is ALWAYS right there when needed to help along. The delivery was excellent and they have incredible customer service.
MB :grin:


Hi @MattyBear , I’ve also never had a problem with seed germinating , that’s why I thought it was strang but I got a few feedbacks from fellow growers and they are also having the same problem. One out of six popped , she popped with only one leaf and seemed to have stalled but today she has 2 new leaves.(very happy) and the last 2 , one has popped through today so I’m going to give the other some more time. Thank you fir replying , it’s very comforting that Im not alone on this ride - Good Luck and I would really appreciate if you could keep me updated on yours
Thank You


Thank you @skgrower , I was a little hesitant to drop anymore. Your girl’s look GREAT - nice and green, healthy and happy. I will definitely try this method.
Thank you for taking the time to help and spreading your knowledge


not complaining about the genetics at all, everyone that has sprouted has been robust and healthy its just seems to be white widow that gives me trouble. I have germinated seeds for 30 years with no trouble using the same technique the whole time. I will try the above method with my remaining stock and see if the germination rate improves You are never too old to learn something new.


My problem is amnesia haze autos. I can get them to come out of the seedling stage just fine. I just can’t get them to grow decent. The last one was less than a foot tall. I hate wasting the light space for a plant that small.


Hi @skgrower , I grow outside in soil, this will my second grow - so I’m kinda a beginner !!! This is the first time I’ve tried to grow Auto’s. I don’t know anything about lights and tents but I do know that a lot of tents have very limited space, that would not make me a happy camper. Some of the tents I’ve seen don’t seem to have room for one plant never mind 2,3 or how many you have in there , space is very precious plus wasting electricity. My plants last year were about 5 ft tall and that’s was fabric pots. I’m doing somethings different this grow - I have 6 feminized girls that will be planted right in the ground and the Auto’s I want to grow 2 every month , last year at harvest I had 9 girls and it was very overwhelming!!! Sorry I couldn’t give you any help or advise but I do hope things turn around for you and your Auto’s grow nice and strong and healthy !!! I’d like to see any pictures if post them , I try to learn something from other’s experiences , if you could , can you tag me if post any picture or have a grow journal !!!
Good luck and I’ll say a little prayer to the MJ Gods


I might do a grow journal this time. I have 4 blueberry autos and 5 fems of Gold Leaf, Trainwreck, and Chronic Widow growing outside. I also have 5 White Widow autos and 5 fems of the same strains as outside growing inside to see how much different the grows are going to be @MBgrower


Hi @skgrower !!! I would really like to see some picture’s of your girl’s :seedling and I recommend you doing a grow journal. There are so many experienced grower’s on here that are willing to share their knowledge. Everyone I’ve met on this forum are here for the same reason, a healthy product, when you post picture’s and share your experience they sometimes notice something that your plant doing that you didn’t even noticed. Plus if your having any problems or questions , you have an endless source of information. I’ve learned so much on here. If you do decide to do a journal , can you please tag me
Thank You


These are 4 of the 5 White Widow autos at 3 weeks. All but one look great @MBgrower. Note the date on the plant marker.


Hi @skgrower , LOL , How ironic on the Date !!! They do look very Healthy :herb: I grew WW Fem last year and Strawberry Kush and had a great harvest but was very overwhelming so I decided to grow a few auto’s so I would have 2 harvests but I had some trouble germinating the Auto’s , I did finally get 3 to germinate but they seem to be growing slow. But I did read that sometimes they do start slower at first , then when there roots are well established they grow very rapidly. Since I grow outside , I’m at the suns mercy , it’s been a cold and rainy so my little girl’s haven’t had much direct sunlight , but it seems that’s about to change , for this week any way -
Thanks for tagging me and when you post other pictures can you please remember me. How many plants do you have going? Seems you have your hands full.
How are the amnesia haze doing ?