Trouble, do I have a deficiency?

From a fellow grower:

Hello all! I recently transplanted my plant from outdoors to indoors due to severe pest problems…I have attached some pictures of my beautiful lady but I do have some concerns. As you can see in the pictures, her new growth looks splendid…however, there are too many leaves that die way too soon…in my new growing environment it is a bit on the humid side…I do not have the money for instruments measuring humidity and all that good stuff…could this be from too much humidity? The tips on some new leaves are already turning Brown but for The most part everything looks to be in good shape. Does it look like i have any deficiencies going on here? I would greatly appreciate some advice, thanks guys!

Sounds like you have some root damage from the tranbsplant. And Brown tips mean you have too much fertilizer, best I can tell.

Without instruments and more information as to what you have done up to this point; We would have a hard time giving you more than an uninformed guess

Join our support forum and fill out a support ticket. I am sure we can give you some guidance. :slight_smile:

I have a very goof idea what your problem is…
But a few questions first.

1 .). How offen do you waster your plants and how much ?

2 .) How far is your light from your light ?

  1. ). And what’s your feeding schedule and how much ?

Please answer these questions