Trouble determining flower sites

So this is my first grow and I have 4 plants, one of which is a hydroponic clone. I’ve already posted some pictures on different threads from start to now but I’ll show you guys…

I apologize not the greatest pictures, but that’s a pretty good documentation of the past 45-50 days.

So basically I’ve been doing LST to get it nice and bushy, I’m just trying to figure out where the bud sites will be. I’m still tying down to get light into the center, I’m only 6 days into flower so not even a week yet.

I just want to make sure I’m putting my effort into the right areas.

From what I understood, they grow out from the nodes, but how do I tell if it’s a flower or just another leaf pair until it gets bigger? I don’t know. Just got myself worried with all the work I’ve been putting in.

So any input would be amazing, thanks!


Follow a branch from the main stem all the way to the top. That top will be your main cola for that branch. Then each node on each branch will also start to bud. If the node spacing is close to one another, they will combine with the nodes above and below and produce a big cola.


From what I understood, they grow out from the nodes, but how do I tell if it’s a flower or just another leaf pair until it gets bigger?

Some calyx’s will start to appear at the nodes with hairs growing out of them that’s just it showing sex. At the ends of each branch the colas will start to grow there will be no mistaking it.
Looks like your doing great.

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Thank You guys!

That’s what I thought but there was so many I couldn’t believe it.

I’ve been tucking the leaves down still since I’m still at the beginning of flower. Trying to juice it up as much as possible!

I’m hoping I’m only 6-7 weeks away from harvest but we’ll see what it looks like. Don’t know a lot about the genetics other than it’s supposedly an even mix hybrid. But apparently it’s got a long flower.

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The bright yellow will help you spot them


I think you have way move than 6 or 7 weeks it’s not flowering yet. It’s just showing its sex.


@plumbdand damn I had hoped I was closer! lol

Oh well, I’ve been patient with this gal so far, might as well keep giving her that.

I got a dehumidifier for the room the tent is in, it’s been getting up to 60% humidity + (I think one of my meters said it pushed 80% one night)

But here’s a few days later pics!!

I’ll keep posting pics I guess. Just in case anyone is interested!


She looks healthy and happy but yup. Ur not even in full flower. 8-10 weeks from that day to go.


I also figure 8-10 weeks of flowering time for most grows.

What is strain? And you went to 12 hour schedule 6 days ago correct?

@dbrn32 yeah tomorrow will be exactly one week since I flipped the lights!

The strain information is a little murky, I was gifted this clone totally not expecting it. But I was told it’s Headband crossed with something else, probably indica I’m assuming.

This is my first grow but by research I feel like the leaves look more indica than sativa so that headband has to be pretty watered down right?


You never know, may knock your socks off.


So I think it’s becoming a little more apparent where the buds are going to be lol

The other plants are feminized LSD from ILGM, they would probably be growing a lot better if I wouldn’t have transplanted them too early and screwed them up a lot.

But this clone is really coming along, I appreciate all the help I’ve gotten on here!

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No problem at all! All those tops will form crowns of pistils in the next week or so. Then more will form lower. And ur off. Looking good



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Yeah you can really tell now lol.

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