Trouble cloning super skunk

Question from a fellow grower:

Can someone tell me why I’m having so much trouble cloning super skunk? is there something in the way they are built? I have tried every way ive been told, from the water clone, the peat under dome, also the same for rockwool. even so much as wet seedling soil n poking it in. all with clonex rooting hormone, nothing… Well less than 5%sucess… yes I own a cloner and samething. .PLEASE HELP!!!

Have you had success cloning other strains?

What are ur temps like? What light are u cloning under? Some strains are harder to clone than others and if u take too big of a clone it gets tricker again. I clone in a water cloner and in the peat bags in a dome under a 32w cfl tube on 18/6. in winter i need to use a heat pad and another thing i do is soak the peat bags in a light mix of rizotonic/water and get 100% success rate

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Was reading up on cloning myself, and came across this in the blog.

“It’s best to clone plants from regular seeds instead of feminized seeds. Marijuana plants are forced to produce feminized seeds only by stressing them. If plants from those seeds are stressed again, they can become hermaphrodite.”

yes and the rock wool way has been the way.

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thank you very much, I’m tring but this ss is crazy!

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has to be some of our scientifically built weed. I wonder if that will lessen w generations. roll em over I say!

Glad to see you have joined our community
Nice to meet you @hope420 and happy growing
I have never cloned myself but @MAXHeadRoom and @TDubWilly and @latewood seem to have lots of experience with clones
All I have experienced with super skunk is that it is tremendously hearty and tough
Hope these growers maybe able to give you more guidance

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Hope you get the answers you need
I have only grown super skunk from seed and it is one of my favorite strains to grow and such good high yielding producers and what a nice balanced stone
Mine knocks out pain and gets my motor going
Absolutely love it as a medical strain but it is good for rec purposes too
Just a great all around strain
Love it and so do all my grow buddies

I double dip when i do clones one is arbor tree root gel then i use rooting powder they go in the foam like cubes in a tray with a high humidity dome. I change the water every other day. I use a turkey baster to suck up water on the tray and squirt on the qubes every day and spray them with just ph water. I do that for two weeks then use nutrients at half strength i have not lost a clone in about 2 years. This worked just fine with my feminized seeds no problems at all. I use 2 2ft florescent light sitting on top of the humidity dome

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I then place my rockwool in a container and fill it with hot water. Once cubes are soaked; I take one and raise it above my head and let gravity spew out excess water,

I then cut the 45 degree cut on the stem of the cutting, dip the cut into Schultz rooting powder and insert gently into rockwool. I do not always use a dome. My veg area is high humidity.

Another way to not use a dome is to buy “no-wilt”, or "Miracle grow leaf shine. It is a waxy product and allows the plant to stay rigid while rooting without a dome.

A description of you failed mehtods and pictures would better help us to diagnose your issues and what mistakes you have been making.

Keep the faith, lw :slight_smile:

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