Trisected auto seedling

Are autos supposed to be trisected instead of bisected?

This girl has 3 seedling leaves and it looks like she’s growing normal leaves in 3s

That is extremely cool! You may be on the cutting edge of product development in the weed industry! Please keep us posted on her progress!


I wish I could take a clone…

I’m tracking this girl and some clones on my grow journal.

I’ll be watching, thanks! I don’t mean to sound ignorant, but why can’t you clone her? I’m pretty new to “high performance” weed growing! lol

She is an autoflower, which means her life cycle is set independent of the light period. She will reach maturity and flower when she is about 2 months old, even if I took a cutting and kept it under 18/6 light schedule.

I’m growing her out in my flower room on a 12/12 schedule just because I have the space in there right now.

OK, I must have missed the “auto” part earlier. lol! Of course, I never thought into “autoflower” that far either! lol. I guess I’ve got a lot more to learn!



Not to pop your bubble, but this is actually a mutation.
I read about this a while ago, a guy thought it was going to produce him the greatest yield and crazy growth blah blah.
After a few weeks, he kept having all these problems with it. Eventually he pulled it and said he will always kill a plant with 3 leaves to start because of how much of a problem that trisected plant was!

Then, what do you know, I germinated a seed and planted it, and boom, she’s got 3 leaves!
I decided to let her grow. But after a few weeks I could already see that she was turning hermie, and fast.
She was never stressed, transplanted, or given bad water. All the other plants were female and stayed female.

So from personal experience, I’ll never let them grow if I see one! But, you should let her grow and see what happens!



I’ve been gone a while. I needed to lay low… Anywa… The NL actually did well and came out to about 1.3 oz. I watched it for bananas like a hawk the whole time.

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Late reply here but to clarify its not a traditional mutation but more of a trait. Its called whorled phyllotoxy, cannabis usually shows decussate Phyllotoxy. Scientifically Its not known to be detrimental or beneficial.