Triploid, any advice?

A question from a fellow grower:

they all just sprouted all are growing great but my LA Woman seed Is a
triploid. this interest me but i cants eem to find specific information
as to why its a triploid and what this means for my grow some people say
that it means its a male others say its a hermaphrodite and so on and
so forth.

i sprouted them in rock wool on a propagation tray using some
nutrients such as rapid start and armor Si from general hydroponics and
some h2o2. Also I noticed this same seed has 2 sprouts that have
seperated from one another one is significantly smaller but the smaller
one is a regular looking seedling as of now.

so my question is is this normal in feminized plants or is this crazy, do I keep it or toss it and
whats your professional opinion? Thanks for your help.

Triploids are rare. But it doesn’t mean anything as far as male, female or hermaphrodite as far as I know or have heard. If it was from regular seeds, you’ll have to determine sex in the regular way, and wait. If it was from feminized seed, then it will likely be a true female, just keep an eye on it for any funny business. From what I have heard about triploid females, is that they can be great yeilders because they can develop numerous healthy tops and get very bushy.