Triple threat first grow

Soil is a mix of ffof and my garden soil.
Strains. Skywalker OG. Blue cheese and Amnesia.
Day 24 from sprout.
Very little seasol added as noted with no note burn.
My first indoor grow so training is a bit rough.
Topped most of them a couple days ago.
Some are huge and bushy some aren’t? Genetics and phenome or stunted? Opinions and suggestions are always welcome.
Learning indoor as I go


Growth looks good, yes genetics plays a role in growth.

I see a calcium or lime build up on the bottom floor of your tent, I think. Seems like a build up of something, soil, bags?

I keep my tent super clean, so do most indoor growers. Take care of the girls and grow environment, they will reward you well.

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Honestly that’s just dirt and water runoff. My local garden store had no pots or anything in the sizes I needed so I used buckets I had lying around. Drilled minimum 50 holes in each bucket for best possible drainage. I have ordered some trays and real garden pots online and just awaiting them to arrive. It’s literally just dirt and water runoff that has dried up lol

Oh I also forgot to mention. Right now they are begging under 2x 400w MH lights with a 3rd 400w ready to go in for veg. Once flipped to flower will be 3x600w HPS

What size is the tent?

4ftw 8ft long and 8ft high :slight_smile:


Just got them all up 1 side atm for efficiency using only the 2 lights as long as possible :slight_smile:

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