Triple digits again "oh god"

Girls are doing good for my first time grow , I got them on foxfarm big bloom , tiger bloom and beastie bloom , now is the time to keep them happy in this stage , now we have triple digits here just trying to keep the soil moist and covering them when I go to work , I really dont like to keep them covered for that long of period but I have no choice, i hope I dont stress them out , Im finding they wil endure in the low 90"s but show signs of heat stress, Next year a whole new plan , transfer earlier in pots nothing under 20 gal , they will take less care in smaller pots, and upgrade my watering cans nothing under 3 gallons, the task in the morning of fertalizing and adjusting ph is a real pain in the mornings , but I find it relaxing due that this is a hobby for me and being a truck driver I am regulated federal and really cant have the rewards at the end, thanks for your time in reading this and me babeling on , be good to yourselfs and peace on.

Bullet B.


@Driftboat welcome to ilgm.

Sorry to hear about the high temps. We are the opposite. It was 45 here this morning in Massachusetts.

Keep the air moving is really the best you can do!